Folks ask on a regular basis how they can support our work. As the disgraceful consumerist holidays approach, we thought  we could do a little raffle to raise some funds whilst providing a serious pack for someone who might really enjoy it.

Everybody around the world is welcome to take part and we will post the box to wherever the winner wants us to. Raffle tickets are 5 GBP and we encourage people to buy as many as they fancy.

The box is (capitalist valued) worth about 120 GBP. It will include:

  • From Dusk til Dawn book, signed by Keith Mann. 
  • A choice of t-shirt and hoodie (stock dependant),
  • A pack of Unoffensive stickers. 
  • A Sparrows Lock Pick set with tension wrenches and single picks as well as rakes. 
  • A see-through padlock to practice lock picking.
  • A three holes black ski mask. 
  • A refillable Montana street ink marker. 
  • An Emergency window breaker. 
  • A pocket hand powered chainsaw. 

Grab yourself a raffle number in the link below:

This is a fundraising raffle. Unoffensive needs to up the funds as many fines and upcoming court cases will take a toll in what we have. That means that your donation is that, a donation, and you might end up winning the box (which would be peng!) but you might not.

As the stuff in the box might be misunderstood, we want to make clear that Unoffensive does not promote, seek to incite or condone illegal activities and that all the goodies within the box are novelty items only. We do not take responsibility of your actions or how you might use the tools in the box, however righteous those illicit activities might be.

So basically, help us out and join the raffle, get as many tickets as you fancy and maybe you get a banging lil present before the holidays start.

Raffle ends the 10th of December.

Good luck and see you in the next riot.

Unoffensive Animal. 

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