11th September, France. 

Received anonymously: 

(French below)

“During the night of the 11th and 12th December, in France, we, Animal Liberation Front activists, helped what we think to be hundreds of pheasants to escape from their prison.

Using cutters, we cut a large part of the net preventing them from flying away. Then we went in the end of the cage to incite them to escape through the opening we made. Seeing them disappear in the sky has touched us deeply.

We also wrote a tag to leave a mark of our passage.

We wish all of them will live happily and freely, and have a thought for all the other animals still prisoners.

Until every cage is empty.

Dans la nuit du 11 au 12 septembre, en France, nous, activistes du front de libération des animaux, avons aidé des centaines de faisan.e.s à s’échapper de leur prison.

A l’aide de cutters, nous avons découpé une large partie du filet qui les empêchait de s’envoler, puis nous sommes allé.e.s derrière elleux pour les inciter à fuir. Les voir s’échapper dans le ciel nous a profondément touché.e.s.

Nous avons également marqué notre passage d’un tag.

Nous souhaitons une vie libre et heureuse à toutes ces personnes, et avons une pensée pour tous les autres animaux encore prisonniers.

Jusqu’à ce que toutes les cages soient vides.”


2nd September, Belgium.

received anonymously:

“In the night from Sunday 1st to Monday 2nd of September 2019, activists have open the doors, the trapdoors and hundreds meters of fences from a “organic” chickens farm. There were 3 concentration camps confine, in total, more than 13000 chickens!

So, the chickens had a chance to run away.”

“On the night from Sunday to Monday, we worked in a broiler farm. This action – far from being an act of pure vandalism – consists in restoring stolen freedom to unjustly exploited animals. 

We are part of a social movement that fights speciesism. Speciesism supports a train of thought that establishes an arbitrary hierarchy between different species. 

Organic farming is not free of agony and death and killing with respect is nonsense. We encountered many emaciated remains in our path, while the others, in a pitiful state, were living in their own excrements. 

It is not necessary to breed and raise individuals for slaughter  (to consume their flesh). The society in which we live allows us to live perfectly on a plant based diet. It is imperative to strongly condemn the procreation and slaughter of non-human animals. This oppressive system as a whole must be stopped and/or denounced.

Let’s stop looking away and put an end to this infernal chain of torture and exploitation.”

The media in Belgium has covered the news, you can read an article about it here:–1154769.aspx

And watch a TV segment here:


September, Midlands UK

Received anonymously via email: 

“After driving by the farm a couple of times to check for activity we approached the barn from the rear, furthest away from the house.

This was a free range egg farm with doors running down one side of the barns which led out onto a small section of outdoor space with a mesh floor. We tried each door until we found one which was slightly loose, after a few firm kicks it gave way allowing us to crawl inside. We quickly filled our bags with 17 hens who were being exploited for their eggs. Just as we filled our last bag a team member calmly alerted us to the farmer approaching with a torch. We scooped up all of our bags and disappeared into the dark. 

These hens will live out their lives naturally and peacefully, free from human oppression.”


1st July, Geneva, Switzerland.

received anonymously via email:

“Butcher’s shop vandalised on windows breaking antinational day (1st of july). Geneva, Switzerland.

This same Window was already broken in may 2018 and Matthias* a swiss activist is being held in prison for more than 9 months now. He’s also accused of having broken this particular window.”


7th September, France.

Received anonymously via email:


In the night of the 7th of september in France, a partridge farm was sabotaged and some individuals were released.

We entered the pen by sectioning the wire grid and electrified cables. The net at the top of the pen was easily and quickly cut with cutters, leaving a great opening so that the partridges could escape. We then left a trace of our visit by tagging the hangar with “ALF says hi” and “Hunters will be hunted”. We dispersed the partridges out of the hangar so that they could flee away.

They were going to be sold to hunters to be killed. The hunters are murderers, there is an urgent need to do everything we can to stop them. 

Find your local farm and open their gates, until all the other animals are free.


Dans la nuit du samedi 7 septembre en France, un élevage de perdrix a été saboté et des individus ont été libérés.

Nous sommes entré.e.s dans l’enclos en sectionnant le grillage et les fils électrifiés. Le filet surplombant l’enclos a été facilement et rapidement coupé à l’aide de cutters afin de laisser une grande ouverture pour que les perdrix puissent s’évader. Nous avons ensuite laissé une trace de notre passage en taguant le hangar : “ALF says hi” (Le Front de Libération Animale passe le bonjour) et “Hunters will be hunted” (les chasseur.euse.s seront chassé.e.s). Puis, nous avons dispersé les perdrix hors du hangar pour qu’iels puissent s’enfuir.

Iels étaient destiné.e.s à être vendu.e.s à des chasseur.euse.s pour être tué.e.s. Les chasseur.euse.s sont des assassin.e.s et il est urgent de tout mettre en oeuvre pour les arrêter.

Trouvez un élevage et ouvrez leurs prisons, jusqu’à ce que tous les autres animaux soient libres.”



Share it everywhere, every page, every personal profile, every social media. Let’s show solidarity with our comrades. It is time to step up and own up our words for every single comment and message praising actions. Take part. 

Find the fundraising link just below and an explanation after:

In the past few months, multiple activists in the UK have been arrested in a show of repression and enforcement of power by the estate. 

It is our time to show solidarity with all the arrestees and to make sure they can either fund a good defence and/or pay fines that might arise. For some of these defendants, other costs related to their arrest might need covering. At least four people have had their phones confiscated by the police, rendering their communications to nothing without the support of others. 

Earlier in August, several folks were arrested in County Durham during the Earth First! gathering whilst blockading two coal mines. Many costs are involved in this case, and although there has not been a sentence yet, having to travel to County Durham multiple times is very money consuming. 

Three activists were arrested and charged in the port of Ramsgate whilst protesting against the live export of animals. They have their plea date set and will need help covering costs. 

SMASH Speciesism carried out a slaughterhouse blockade in Kent resulting in eleven arrests, all charged with aggravated trespass. The bail conditions after the action have ensured that many of them cannot carry on with their normal life and/or jobs. They are also getting ready for a trial and have to fundraise costs related to the action. 

Four people were arrested whilst walking around in the woods and charged with conspiracy to commit criminal damage. Their phones were stolen by the police and the bail conditions meant that they have to be displaced from their home, incurring into even more costs. 

A comrade in Brighton is facing a trial in connection with criminal damage at a McDonalds. Court fees and fines will have to be covered if they are found guilty. 

Another three people who do not wish to be named were also arrested and released under investigation on bullshit charges that will also need our solidarity. 

All these actions are taken by folks that want to change the world and that want to make the earth a nicer, better place to live. That means that folks are willing to take risks, and those risks sometimes mean that people are sentenced. The bare minimum we can do is to help. 

If any of our posts should go viral, it’s this one. 

No one is free until all are free.


3rd September, South East UK.

received anonymously over email:

“When we heard about this garden enterprise, breeding rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs we had to do something.

After checking the place multiple times over a month, we decided to access it overnight, whilst the people in the house were asleep. We sat by a bush and waited for a while after the lights went off, giving them time to fall asleep. When we decided it was time, we hoped the fence and started opening hutches.

To our surprise, all but one were empty. We checked the guinea pigs to realise one of them was pregnant before taking them with us. They will now be cared for without the burden of being providers of profit, and when they give birth we will make sure all of them are spayed.

For a world where animals are not commodities to be bought or sold.



21st August, UK.

via: Underground Badger Syndicate


In our travels up and down the country we stop at way too many service stations to have a poo in McDonalds and nick some monster energy drinks.

Because nowhere is safe, we are also at work when stopping for a break. In the past week we have disabled, smashed or destroyed dozens of rat traps. They are littered around petrol stations and services everywhere and they are not the most difficult thing to deal with.

You’ll find two types of traps, poison or spring loaded.

If they are spring loaded (see the photo of the poor comrade caught and left to rot in one?), you can simply open them (with a kick, a hammer, whatever) and damage the metal bits.

If they are poison bait you’ll need to open them the same way and pick up the bait (it might be red like in the photo, or any other colour) and bag it in plastic. Dispose of the poisonous bait in a fire, or put it in a dog poo bin that normally gets incinerated.

Smash those boxes too so they don’t get used again and don’t forget to recycle them!! Wherever there is animal abuse, someone will fight back. From the wild sinking their teeth into the oppressor, to the angry punk youth lending a hand.”


3rd September, Portugal.

received anonymously via email:

“2 lives saved in Portugal.Living with huge family in sanctuary now,
These babies were to be slaughtered in 3 month.”


We’ve all seen the headlines
“100s of black clad anarchists riot through downtown”
“black bloc smash Starbucks windows”

But what is the black bloc, and why is it used?
The black bloc is often seen as a gang or group by the media and the right wing, yet this is not the case at all, the black bloc is simply a tactic used to protect the identity of protestors by giving a uniform appearance across all members of the protestors. This allows protestors to sabotage infrastructure, protect communities, prevent police incursions into established autonomous zones, and more, all whilst maintaining their anonymity.

The black bloc is not a new tactic, having originated in West Germany in the 1970’s and 1980’s prior to the fall of the Berlin wall. During the economic recession occurring at this time, as well as massive amounts of people leaving the cities for the suburbs, many areas of the inner city were left abandoned and were squatted, providing people with free housing.

Within these squatter communities, radical political ideas began to emerge, which caused clashes with police and other government agencies to occur. Due to the violence from the police, protestors donned motorcycle helmets, steel-toed boots, and other protective clothing along with ski-masks to enable them to continue protesting through the violence from police and avoid being targeted for arrest.

Is the black bloc tactic always useful and recommended? Not necessarily, as sometimes it has the opposite effect, such as being the only person in black bloc meaning you stand out and are more likely to be the target of police violence and arrest.

For more information on the black bloc (as well as an insight into the 2012 Montreal student demonstrations that heavily used the black bloc tactic) check out

For a history around the world of black bloc tactics, check out “Who’s Afraid of the Black Blocs: Anarchy in Action Around the World” by Francis Dupuis-Deri