2nd September, Belgium.

received anonymously:

“In the night from Sunday 1st to Monday 2nd of September 2019, activists have open the doors, the trapdoors and hundreds meters of fences from a “organic” chickens farm. There were 3 concentration camps confine, in total, more than 13000 chickens!

So, the chickens had a chance to run away.”

“On the night from Sunday to Monday, we worked in a broiler farm. This action – far from being an act of pure vandalism – consists in restoring stolen freedom to unjustly exploited animals. 

We are part of a social movement that fights speciesism. Speciesism supports a train of thought that establishes an arbitrary hierarchy between different species. 

Organic farming is not free of agony and death and killing with respect is nonsense. We encountered many emaciated remains in our path, while the others, in a pitiful state, were living in their own excrements. 

It is not necessary to breed and raise individuals for slaughter  (to consume their flesh). The society in which we live allows us to live perfectly on a plant based diet. It is imperative to strongly condemn the procreation and slaughter of non-human animals. This oppressive system as a whole must be stopped and/or denounced.

Let’s stop looking away and put an end to this infernal chain of torture and exploitation.”

The media in Belgium has covered the news, you can read an article about it here:–1154769.aspx

And watch a TV segment here:

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