29th July, Sweden.

Via BiteBack Magazine

received anonymously:

“We rescued 8 chickens from a ‘free range’ egg laying facility, that is ‘one of the best in Sweden’ according to themselves.

It was a complete hellhole. 10’s of thousands of young hens were there, never able to see day light. Their eggs are stolen every day and they are just waiting for their death sentence, although they are completely

After about 1,5 years these lovely ladies will be burnt for heat at the power plant, just after being brutally smashed in a truck, four at the time, each hanging in one leg between the fingers of the worker. (Some of
us have witnessed this ourselves, at this exact farm)

8 of these lovely ladies can now live out their life. They can feel grass under their feet every day, and in some cases it will even snow if they want! Many hens actually love snow, for short periods of time.

Often these factory farms are not even locked during night (or day). You don’t even have to break up a door, cut a fence or a lock to save lives.

One can simply go in there and save them.

We are their only hope.


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