16th July, Chile?

received anonymously via encrypted email:

“No individual should be in cage. This only sentence justifies to open the billions of cages, sheds, gates, torture camps.

No prison is tolerable: intensive farming is a cramped prison; extensive breeding is an arranged prison. Captivity is a prison that violates the rights of abducted people.

In the system we live in, we HAVE the moral duty to assist people in danger. People in cages. Sentenced to death, kidnapped, maimed and raped constantly.

We entered this gloomy place, all these ducks were forcibly detained, light turned on day and night, joyful and loud music is constantly playing to stimulate them: even resting is refused to them.

Twice a day, these ducks are raped by the beak with a wide pipe to force them to eat, making their liver sick, for the purpose of selling and eating it.

We decided to take as much of them as possible out of there, to release them and put them back in their natural habitat: the wild. They have been released into a large lake where they can flourish, stretch their wings, swim, soak their heads in water, run… just live!

The habitat of other animals, whether they are abducted in farms, zoos, circuses, laboratories or any other concentration camps is outside. Nature. Freed from human. They don’t need us to survive. They only need freedom.

Therefore, it is URGENT to liberate all the earthlings. No human has the legitimacy to steal others’ freedom and life.
Freedom is not an option. Everywhere, everytime, NOW, we have to open the cages.
Let’s help them. Liberate them. Until all cages are empty!

We are earthlings who will tear Liberty of their alter-ego from their executioners.

(As we left, we took the fattening torture instrument with us to destroy it.)”

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