Last Friday we joined our comrades in OVIA Castellón, in Spain, to have a workshop on hunt sabbing. We left with an incredible feeling of reassurance that the activists in that association are not only completely devoted to the animal rights cause but also highly caring for social issues.

Hunt Sabs Castellón might be the first Spanish sabbing group ever and we cannot wait to see what they are going to bring to the movement. In the workshop, we covered from how to become an official Hunt Sab group within the HSA to sabbing techniques. It was also wonderful to be able to SHARE the talk and learn more about hunting in Spain by listening to the folks that want to start the group.

Until then, we are open to them and to anyone else that needs a workshop on anything we can help. Traveling isn’t a problem thanks to our supporters, so hit us up and we will do our best to be there!

PS: Our Patreon still needs some love and care. If only our supporters gave us $1 each we would reach our target FOUR times. If you are willing to help us empower other artists, take part in actions and keep bringing news about direct action around the world, please consider joining our Patreon scheme ????

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