Over the past week, we have received a lot of donations. Sadly we didn’t reach out the amount we needed so we are gonna have to rearrange trips and miss out on a little bit of the adventures, but we will be still travelling and covering the major events!

It humbles us that so many people are willing to put a little bit of money so we can do our job. We cannot express how eternally grateful we truly are.

It is a strange life, in all honesty. Speaking as the travelling activist within the collective, I never know what’s going to happen next. I never know if I’ll be sleeping under a bridge one night and trying to dumpster dive in the worst supermarket of the area or if an activist will be picking me up from the bus stop and cooking the most delicious meal to then sleep on a sofa in the warm. It gives a chance to the adventure, but it also is a great opportunity to learn how to survive. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

In the next two months, we will visit about 5 countries to be on the front line and bring you the stories as they happen. We will give workshops, train activists, take action and help with infrastructure. We will answer many emails asking for direction in people’s activism and send multiple copies of our prisoner support list. We will do what we are supposed to do on the tightest budget possible because we fucking hate money. I will probably keep eating from the bins because food waste sucks and I will most likely sleep on a bench more than one night, but all that is THANKS to you. You enable us to be able to carry on doing all this. You are saving animals. You are fighting climate change. You are speaking up on gender issues and you are rejecting Nazi scum from neighbourhoods around Europe. You are empowering activists directly and indirectly to become a powerful tool against oppression. You are a fucking heroine!

If anyone feels empowered and capable of joining our Patreon, we would be truly grateful. Thank you again and SEE YOU IN THE NEXT RIOT.

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