December 2017, Hambacher Forst.

anonymous report:
“For a couple of months, we have been clearing out all shooting towers, hunting cabins and stands around the forest. Those that were inside of the forest are long gone, but the surrounding areas are covered with metal and wood that aids the hunters splattering blood on the ground. This is unacceptable.

We discovered that the sand and stone exploitation by the forest is allowing hunters to create meadows for shooting stands, attracting wildlife to the area to then murder animals without compassion. We destroyed dozens before deciding to send a clearer message, so overnight and with only one security guard in the area we set multiple shooting huts and towers on fire, making sure that all were standing in the clear ground without risks of creating an uncontrollable fire.

They burnt rapidly and our anger calmed, but only shortly. We then decided to send a letter to the mine, allowing them to know our intentions. If the shooting towers aren’t destroyed by them, it won’t just be the hunting equipment that will burn, but their entire machinery will be a ball of fire. We believe to have been successful as all stands have been either demolished or taken away.

Let this also be a wink of solidarity with our friends in prison. Nine Hambis are locked up for resisting cops destroying a beautiful forest. Nine individuals with friends, with an uncontrollable thirst for freedom, are being locked up for caring about the planet.
Do not forget. We are active, we are fearless and we will attack when is necessary. We are not concerned about consequences and we will reach no compromise.

For a future without speciesism and where animals can be free. For a future where the planet is respected and loved. For a future without prisons. For an anarchist future.

some anarchists.”



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