The climate in Hambi is electrifying. There are loud bangs and smoke covering the sky almost every night. Since the Hambi 9 got locked up activists have not taken a second to rest. It is almost as if they want to say; ‘if they don’t get released, we will burn the whole planet’.

Today we are going to dedicate the day to publish actions taken by autonomous groups in solidarity with the Hambi 9. At the end of today, we will also release the addresses of all activists so you can write letters to them.

A few of the banged-up activists will have their court case tomorrow so hold your horses on sending them, we will let you know if it is necessary.

Remember that there is a call to action on the 3rd of February against all RWE infrastructure and against the justice system and prisons. From noise demos to colourful actions or underground activities, it is up to you to decide how you want to show love for our compañeres in prison.

Enjoy the ride over some of the actions reported.




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