29th January, Zug

“The night of the 29th we liberated 14 individuals from their prison in Zug, Switzerland. Cramped in a really confined space and completely isolated from each other, these creatures survived a torturous existence with only one purpose, to be fattened and murdered for our taste buds.

They didn’t even have names, just numbers. We could not accept it. We saw as our duty to free these creatures from their captivity because non-human animals feel exactly like us and have the same right to live as we do. From now on they will live in a beautiful place where they can fulfil their natural needs.

Two animals are killed every second in Switzerland alone. With this action, we were able to spare 14 lives, but we also see this liberation as a symbolic act. As a call to arms to all animal-liberating beings!

it is possible and necessary to liberate any oppressed sentient being!

Join us! Create your own affinity group! Free the animals!

For animal and human liberation!”


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