Yesterday it was announced that the eviction in Hambacher Forst had to start today for the safety of the activists as the occupation is a fire hazard. It is of no surprise that RWE workers took all fire extinguishers they could find last week.

This morning, police is everywhere. Gallien is surrounded by cops, Oaktown doesn’t seem to have any police presence and monopods and tripods are starting to be vacated.

Heavy machinery on the other hand is stuck at the entrance of the forest. It is raining, and thanks to the past attacks by the police there is more mud than green on the ground.

The spirits are high and the people are willing to put up a fight. Over 100 people have appeared to the first line of the forest as a spontaneous solidarity demo. There are demos and actions popping up all over Germany.

We are aware that most of our readers are U.K. based. Also, many of you only know about Hambacher Forst because of us. We are not going to write a massive dissertation about the animals and plants an a different social system between the forest. You can do the learning yourself. But we are going to ask for something. We are asking you to take action. We are asking you to not simply “share and be sad” about this story. We want you to do something against it.

Here is a list of all of the buildings RWE has in the U.K. From energy rations to offices, there are many different levels of action that can be taken to fight back. It is your time to take action.





12th September, Belgium.

“20 rabbits who were destined for slaughter for consumption were freed.

Now they will live a life in freedom away from exploitation and death.”




7th September, South U.K.

received anonymously:

‘Second Hit on turkey farm by ALF cell FAM964. A team of 7 activists rescued 9 medium-sized turkeys (much bigger since the 1st hit) and transported them to their 2 forever homes. “We have an ethical duty to protect the innocent and the vulnerable. We uphold this duty by carrying out actions as frequently and as regularly as possible, limited only by time, funds and spaces. We feel overwhelmingly incomplete when we’re inactive, for their liberation is also our liberation”.’


We are pretty sure that by now you folks are aware of the shit storm around the animal liberation and eco struggle in Europe. With folks in Hambacher Forst Besetzung resisting against RWE and the German filth trying to evict, Pont Valley organising a week of workshops and an amazing day of action (report of the coal mine blockade coming soon) and the badger cull starting in some zones and ready to start as a whole very soon, it is very difficult to cover all actions.

Regardless, we are resiliently joining activists everywhere and working hard to help wherever we can. The badger cull takes a special part in our struggle, so we have joined forces with many of our comrades and friends to run Underground Badger Syndicate and be able to work in multiple zones at the same time, bringing you fresh news as soon as we have them. We will undoubtedly and tirelessly fight against the completely irrational decision to murder badgers in the U.K. for as long as it is needed.

We are aware we have not responded to emails about workshops and some of the merch orders are late, we are doing our best to sort everything out as soon as possible. Please bare with us, we are doing as much as we possibly can.

Also, we have the new Agitator magazine, so drop us a PM if you want a copy!

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28th August, Lincolnshire UK.

received anonymously.

“On Tuesday 28th August those pesky pixies were out causing some mischief in a field in Lincolnshire, a metal frame shooting tower was rendered useless, several of the bars that form the structure were removed from the area then hidden in overgrown brambles and all of the fastening
clips and bolts were removed.

While this action alone won’t stop the barbaric slaughter of animals at the hands of the shooting industry, it does send a clear signal of intent to the perpetrators.”

Photo: Old report from the dismantling of shooting towers in Sweden.


5th September, UK.

According to an anonymous report, two turkeys farmed for their meat in the UK were liberated and given a new home away from exploitation.


6th September, Sweden 

received anonymously:

‘An animal circus called circus olympia got their entrance pimped. There was a note left which said “this is just the beginning”.

On the street towards the tent it was sprayed and it said “everybody hates Olympia”’



28th August, France.

“During the night of September 1-2, “Stop Speciesism” was painted on a butcher shop in Épinay-sur-Orge (Essonne) and its front window was broken.

Windows were broken, and the same slogan painted, at two butcher shops in Fontenay-sous-Bois during the night of August 28-29.”

via: directaction.info



1st September, UK

anonymous report:

“Five water-deprived ducks liberated from their prison by members of the ALF cell FAM964. Now free in their forever home, these birds narrowly missed their slaughter date. Our thoughts go to all those left behind and all other animals oppressed by the human species. The fight continues, and will never stop, until total animal liberation.”


August 24th, Whythenshawe Community Farm, South Manchester UK.

received anonymously:

“This farm buys cattle to be fattened up before they’re then sold to slaughterhouses. Fully grown male and female cows with calfs have been seen here. As well as pigs and piglets crammed into a small holding shelter surrounded by their own filth; no food and disgusting, dirty water. This place is open for families and schools so young children (toddlers) can see where their food comes from. This is NOT the EDUCATION future generations should have! It’s unethical and immoral! These animals are visibly unhappy, hurt and confused!


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