In the UK, after a draconian new policing bill was introduced to push even harsher regulations on protesters, demonstrations and riots kicked off throughout the country to oppose it. Many folks got arrested, and some have been handed prison sentences. Dylan Dunne is one of them.

State control does have deep pockets and many weapons upholding it but it is still largely performative. It is reliant on us going along with it, not laughing at it and telling it to fuck off. With fascism across the globe becoming more visible and organised state repression inevitably increases as they work hard to crack down on any sign of dissent. As the British government turns back boats full of refugees they helped create they also hand out prison sentences to anyone they can catch who stands against them or makes a mockery of their “authority”.

Every day they reach higher levels of deadly and ridiculous. Dylan has now been sentenced to over 4 months in prison for… stealing a police hat at a ‘Kill the Bill’ demo. Don’t let our comrade stand alone, he has asked for letters so write to him and show support.

You can address your letters to:

Dylan Dunne #A4108ER,
HMP Horfield,
19 Cambridge Road,
Bristol, BS7 8PS,

art by @nobnozo
for more info on Kill the Bill prisoners see @bristol_abc


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