So after the shift in workload and the increase on collective members and folks taking responsibility within UA, we have decided that the online shop is more work than what is worth. We are going to stop stocking hoodies and tees, so whatever is online right now are the last few items to grab!

To ensure we sell out the last bits of stock, we have set the minimum price for tees at 16 GBP and for hoodies at 28 GBP. Of course, the shop lets you chose your own price and we do not consider those numbers “payments”, but donations, so you are very welcome to donate more if you want and can afford it.

We will most likely keep prints, flags and other small items up in the shop on a regular basis, but hoodies and tees are just not profitable enough to grant the effort of running the shop and dealing with missing parcels and wrong sizes! As it stands, the designs we have printed in the past will not be printed again, unless enough folks express they want a specific design reprinted, in which case we might be able to do a pre-order only sale and print only the ones that folks have already paid for.

From now on, in terms of tees and hoodies, we would love to do intermittent drops with fresh designs as and when, only in the form of pre-order. If there are any artists that would like to work with us, please reach out! We’d love to see what we can come up with! Equally as mentioned before, if there is any old design that enough people seem to want, we could also get them printed on pre-order basis.

We would love to hear from you, what kind of limited drop designs would you like to see? What sort of themes? Do you have any artist recommendations?

Go to the website and grab something before it runs out:



Via: Earth FIrst! Journal.

On Wednesday May 17, A female FBI Agent approached Burning Books wanting information about an arson attack on an anti-choice medical center. In June of 2022, a pro-choice activist group, Jane’s Revenge, claimed responsibility for the action. Burning Books is trying to spread this information around the activist community to be aware.

Leslie’s facebook statement on the situation read:

“About an hour ago I had a visit from the FBI.

The agent presented her badge, stuck her foot in the threshold of the door, &attempted to ask me about the fire last June at Compass Care here in Buffalo. I replied that I was not going to talk to her, pointed at her intrusive foot, and said she was not welcome to come inside.

The FBI has an inexcusable and horrific track record of working to destroy social justice movements, which spans its entire history. I have personally been targeted by the FBI for over 25 years, & the thought of cooperating with them in any way turns my stomach, to say the least.

Please beware that this investigation is underway and do all you can to spread the word about this danger to activists, our movements, & our collective future. Together we keep us safe.”


Needless to say, be it the FBI or any other form of law enforcement around the world, cops are not your friends. Don’t talk to cops. Never talk to cops.

Leslie, thank you for being not only an inspiration and reference, but so fucking good at raising the alarm without being alarmist!


we have received an anonymous submission about cop city that we would like to share with all our readers:

“The struggle against cop city, and for the Weelaunee forest has been explosive, experimental, and wild for nearly three years now. In the situation in the process our enemies have brutalized us, charged people with domestic terrorism, leveraging 5-35 years in prison against them, murdered our friend and comrade Tortguita, attempted to repress our struggle, and yet we are still here fighting.

As the forests we swore to protect get clear-cut, and people face hefty sentences leveraged by the courts, as we stare at the possibility of raids, repression, investigations, and the unknown, we desire to take the plunge. We will make our enemies pay for every inch. We will not let them know a moment of peace.

We call for the mechanisms of the US capitalist system, the government, and the infrastructure that upholds it to be moved against in an effort to make this wretched civilization and those responsible which took our friend and levies the might of their courts and police against us pay.”


Via: Animal Liberation Press Office

“CLEVELAND, OH—FBI Cleveland and the FBI Toledo Resident Agency continue to seek information from the public regarding the release and vandalism surrounding several mink farms in Northern Ohio and Michigan several months ago.

The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) claimed responsibility for the releases. According to the ALF Liberation Press Office website, ALF is an international, leaderless, decentralized political and social resistance movement that advocates and engages in what it calls nonviolent direct action in protest incidents of animal cruelty. Arson is one of the many tactics utilized by ALF. ALF’s goal is to cause financial hardship to entities whom ALF believes to have committed acts of animal cruelty. Members of ALF and other underground organizations feel that to truly liberate animals, the unjust laws that allow their exploitation must be broken.

The releases and criminal activities stem from occurrences at various locations on the following dates:

  • November 8, 2022: ALF release 100 Mink in Massillon, Ohio – between 2:00 a.m.-4:00 a.m.
  • November 9, 2022: ALF released 800 Mink Pipkorn Farm, Michigan
  • November 15, 2022: ALF released 10,000 Mink in Van Wert, Ohio – between 2:00 a.m.-4:00 a.m.
  • December 19, 2022: ALF released 4,000 Mink in Wayland, Michigan
  • February 1, 2023: 2 females vandalized a semi-truck at a mink farm in Mercer County Ohio – between 2:00 a.m. – 4:00 a.m.

The FBI is working collaboratively with local law enforcement agencies, including, but not limited to, Van Wert County and the Mercer County Sheriff Offices.

The releases caused significant economic strain to the locations where the vandalism occurred. In one instance, the farm closed entirely.

Due to ALF being a leaderless movement and the subjects who carried out the crimes potentially being transient, the FBI is seeking information on individuals who were involved in attempt to provide a successful judicial outcome for the local business owners who suffered financial loss.”


Mid May, activists in Denmark liberated two lobsters from a MANY supermarket. They did their homework, found what sea they came from, and released them back into the wild. After that anonymous report was shared, local activists in Denmark and beyond got to work.

By having raised the live lobster trade by MANY, those anonymous activists inspired a local storm. Activists emailed and called MANY demanding to stop the sale of live lobsters. They warned them that if they didn’t a pressure campaign would be set up against them, with direct action and protests.

MANY really felt the heat and emailed back to those reaching out, letting them know that they took their concerns very seriously and that they would put an end to the sale of live lobsters from August 1st onwards.

The action of some anonymous activists inspired enough people who not only felt liberating those lobsters was right, but who also decided to put even more pressure on the company, backing those taking direct action, defending the lobsters and warning the company to put an end on the abuse.

This is a clear show of how direct action, regardless of how small it might seem to be, can have incredible impact. Not only two lobsters were freed, but it united folks from different ways of life, raised the issue and created a united front to fight back against injustice.

It is worth mentioning too that whilst many people advocate for direct action to occur within existing campaigns, raising the profile of that campaign or creating a front where the target feels they either talk to those who are campaigning and find a solution, or they have to deal with those who do not fear breaking the law, in this case a seemingly small act of liberation inspired the phone/email storm that ultimately bagged a win.

Always defend direct action and never forget the power of people!


PS: To the anonymous activists who took those lobsters to freedom; we hope you know how much that act has impacted animals. Congratulations on your win.


We seem to be back on track. Multiple people are collectively working on different series well as keeping tabs on prisoners and prisoner support tasks, which is really helping with keeping Unoffensive afloat. We can’t express enough how amazing it is that folks came forward and we are truly grateful that they did and helped push UA forward once again, we really did not want to see the project die.

Because social media algorithms are absolute bullshit, remember that engaging with those series like frontlines, prisoner support or A is for Anarchy is key to reach as many folks as possible. The engagement that prisoner support posts has is a very small percentage to the posts where we share anonymous direct action news. We wouldn’t really care much about “engagement” and “likes” if it didn’t directly translate to supporting prisoners, the amount of letters written and the amount of donations for groups, individuals, court cases and commissary. So please, do drop reactions and comments on those posts so we can push them to more folks who might be able to either learn or support in some way!

In talking about support, we are also asking for folks to donate some cash if they can afford it. We have upcoming costs with platforms, tech services and website/server related expenses that we are going to need help with! We have many avenues for donations (from Paypal and Patreon to Monero and Bitcoin), so if you are able to, please consider donating even if it is just a couple of coins, it really helps tremendously. We mostly use Monero for any tech related cost, as it is a fairly private coin, but it doesn’t matter the platform you use to support. For monthly donations, do join our patreon, but please understand that we do not create “patreon only content” because we do not believe that content and education should be put behind a paywall. It is worth mentioning once again that Unoffensive does not have employees or wages, and that all donations are used either to upkeep tech services related to the collective and the website, or sent to prisoners and activists with court case fines.

Paypal: unoffensive_animal (att) tutanota (dot) com

For cryptocurrency donations, you can find our wallet addresses here:

Please donate if you are in a position to do so, and share if you can’t.




Submitting hit reports is one of Unoffensive Animal’s cornerstones. We believe that those taking direct action and wishing to share their actions with the public should do so anonymously and safely.

We have created a page on our website where folks can simply introduce their text and click on “encrypt and submit”, but to use this feature, people need to think of their own anonymity. Using the TOR Browser *should* keep the sender more anonymous.

Another important aspect to think about is to avoid giving personal information in the report. Understand that we are not going to edit reports, and they will simply be copied and published, so do not tell us who you are or how old you are or what your address is. We don’t care, we don’t want to know and you should not put us in a position where we need to lie to protect the anonymity of activists.

In terms of media, photos and videos are very useful for a hit report. You must take care to clean the media before sending it. This is twofold. Firstly, ensure that the footage does not have identifiers. If it shows a tattoo or identifiable clothing or even background that could be used to prosecute you, you need to sort that out. Secondly, you need to remove metadata from the media before sending it. This is very easy. Simply use one of the tools recommended here:

Once you’ve checked it over, upload that media to any bullshit data transfer service (like and copy the link, you can paste it with your text before sending.

If you do not wish to use the website feature, you are very welcome to send an email to unoffensivereports (at) protonmail(dot)com but please use common sense. Use a throwaway email address from a spam address like an anonymouse email. Creating a “report-specific” email address is NOT good enough. You shouldn’t use the same email address twice to send reports.

You can find detailed information on how to contact us here:



Photo: Russian ALF liberating foxes, 2005.


We believe we’ve found enough folks to keep the project going, so we have reopened the website. 

This means we can once again receive anonymous reports, and folks who have any prisoner/arrest/court support needs can reach out again. In the near future, we will set up a public prisoner support email address so that the prisoner support team can directly communicate with those who might need some support (or with their solidarity groups if they are in prison). For the time being, our usual email address will do just fine for this matter. 

From Monday onwards, we will be back to a semi-regular schedule, and with the help of multiple people who have offered to submit regular work, we will get back on track with news about prisoners and campaigns from around the world. 

Folks are still welcome to reach out with single submissions if they wish to publish about a specific topic or if they want to write something on a regular basis. 

Unoffensive Animal was born to educate and bring news to the public, to support those who fight and to give a platform to those who wish to remain anonymous. That ethos stays there, for as long as we have the energy and capability to keep going, but it is also important to remember that Unoffensive was born and should stay as a collective. You are part of that collective if you want to be, and as per the definition of Direct Action, don’t wait for others to do what you want to see done. Reach out and support, let’s work together and make this platform a positive tool within the animal liberation movement. 

If you can afford it, please consider donating to UA. We do not get wages, money goes to prisoner/arrest/court support for those who reach out, and to expenses related to tech, servers, websites and domains.

Solidarity always. 

Defend Direct Action. 


Unoffensive was born many years ago as a tool to bridge radical underground action with the social media environment which most animal lib activists and vegans got their activism news from. Since then, we have started many projects and attempted to bring as many different news and struggles as possible to all our followers and readers.

After six years of working on the project daily, we really could do with fresh voices and support from other folks who would like to contribute. We did put a call for submissions not that long ago, but sadly most of the offers were on the art side of things which UA doesn’t tend to publish much about, and in the end, we got back to square one with no new contributors. We have decided to make clear what UA is looking for, and then let you all take part in it if you have time and wish for this project to keep going.

With our level of energy and time and without extra contributors, we won’t be able to carry on with the collective.

Of course, we are happy to hear about other ideas and articles, but here is a skeleton of the very basics of what we are looking for.

THE FRONTLINES attempts to bring news about current campaigns. Some campaigns we have focused on lately (and would like to publish more about) are CAFT USA’s actions against the fur industry, Defend the Atlanta Forest or Palestine Action. Folks within the campaigns are welcome to send a round-up of events every couple of weeks, but even if you are not part of the campaign but can keep a constant eye on what’s been happening and write a summary, that would be fantastic!

ALFRIDAYS used to be a video series where we would publish short videos or long documentaries of historical events relating to the animal liberation and earth liberation movement, and give an insight into the history behind it and perhaps external further reading. If anyone would like to take that task on, please reach out!

A is for Anarchy was an attempt at explaining basic anarchist concepts to folks who are not used to reading politics. Short and sweet, we have introduced concepts like Mutual Aid, Direct Action or the Black Block. The articles are not long, but they need to aim to be very simple and clear explanations of anarchist concepts for all those who might be doing their first steps as anarchobabies!

There are other topics and ideas that we would love to discuss with folks who feel like they can contribute, and we are always happy to hear yours! 

If you think you can dedicate an article a week, every couple of weeks, or even once a month, please reach out over email and let’s get talking.

Unoffensive Animal is a collective, and we all make it. If you want it to carry on and have the time and energy, step forward and let’s collaborate!


Unoffensive Animal.


We have had a few extra folks follow our socials lately, so let’s do a quick introduction.

Unoffensive Animal is a media platform that receives anonymous direct action reports from around the world. We also attempt to facilitate prisoner support updates for animal liberation, anarchist and earth liberation activists, be it by sharing updates about their case or prison situation or simply by encouraging folks to write letters, as well as trying to send cash to folks for commissary or legal fees. Lastly, we also serve as an education platform (when we have the time to work on extra stuff!), and publish advice on technology and security, on history of the animal liberation movement or on anarchist concepts.

Last time that we did a money update and explained that we had sent money to prisoners, we sadly lost a few patreon supporters. We can only imagine that they had joined feeling they were funding direct action, so we want to make something very clear. We do not take part in actions, we don’t know who sends anonymous reports and we do not fund illegal activities. All the money generated from patreon support as well as donations or merch sales goes either to prisoner support, arrest support and court fines for folks who contact us about it and to the maintenance of servers, website and other tech stuff that keeps our page running. We do not take a salary as we are all volunteers, but that does not mean that UA doesn’t need funding! Servers and domains are a constant expense due to multiple countries banning our website from being hosted within their territory, and activists that face a fine or prison are always welcome to request our support, we will always try and help as much as we can.

If you folks can afford it, please consider donating to Unoffensive. We have PayPal, we have Monero and Bitcoin wallets if you prefer cryptocurrencies and we have a patreon page. It is worth noting that our patreon page is NOT “another social media” and we do not publish “exclusive content”, as we do not believe in publishing stuff behind a paywall that only those who can afford it can actually access.

If you can, please drop some coins over PayPal on

[email protected]

Join our patreon:

Or send some coins through monero:

Thank you to all that have supported us for many years