Someone in Norwich, UK, was sentenced to a 1000 GBP fine after being found guilty of attacking multiple butcher shops. Whilst the person feels the sentencing was relatively lenient and they have started to pay the fine in small monthly payments, it would be very useful if that fine was paid in full and gotten rid of as it eases the burden of having probation keeping an eye on you and your transactions.

For that reason and thanks to a very generous donation by artist and comrade @goaskforde, we will be organising an artwork raffle to raise the funds.

Because it is quite a lot of money and we doubt we will be able to raise all those funds with just the raffle, we are asking for people to consider sending a donation over PayPal if they can afford it. You can be overly generous if that doesn’t put you in a difficult position, or you can just donate 5 pounds, every little bit that people put towards this fine helps someone feel supported after being caught doing an anonymous action.

If you are unable to donate, please spread the word as much as possible. Liking, commenting, sharing and saving this post all increase the algorithm and help this fundraiser reach as many people as possible.

Keep an eye for the upcoming art raffle, we will publish it very soon, and for the time being if you can donate, send some coins to



Peter was locked up and sentenced to 25 months after an arson at a duck slaughterhouse in Netherlands. Ten of those months are probation, so he will be coming out of prison this August.

His support group reports that he is in good spirits and that although he contracted COVID, he only had mild symptoms and only spent 15 days in isolation.

He has thanked folks for the letters sent and also for the donations that came in through the fundraiser, which has been used to improve the food he eats, helping with the COVID recovery.

If you want to write a letter to Peter, you can send it via email to [email protected]. Remember to write your address down if you want him to be able to write back.

Solidarity is our biggest weapon!


Animalists of the world, we need your help in the common struggle that we share.
On March 24th, the french activist Vincent Aubry will be judged at the court of Toulouse (France) for “aggravated theft”.

About twenty female rabbits were freed from an INRAE research center near the french city of Toulouse, which was using them for experimentation.

Since this action, which aimed to highlight the practices of this public institute that has been genetically torturing animals for more than 50 years, INRAE has never really been a priority target for the animal rights movement, its activities are even rather unknown.

However it’s the corner-stone of the whole system that massacres animals by billions, animals that have become simple raw materials thanks to the mad scientists of INRAE, and our taxes.

Today we need a general solidarity of the antispeciesist movement to publicly relay Vincent’s trial in order to mobilize lots of people during this gathering.

These practices must be firmly denounced and condemned, and the responsibilities of INRAE and the French State must be assumed.

This trial is an opportunity. A rally will be organized in front of the Toulouse court before the trial. National and local press are invited.

French institute INRAE is using genetic torture and practices in order to supply the victims of global animal agriculture, funded by the governement.

Today they sue us, but the Animalist Resistance will continue to attack them to restore a true justice.

Please share massively on your social networks, talk about it to your community, make your own research about animal genetic in your country, target the perpetrators, for the animals and for Vincent who fights like all of us every day for animal liberation.

If you want to know more about Vincent’s collective (Animal1st) and participate in the anti-specist actions, here is the Facebook link:

Until ALL are free! ✊🖤    


Animalistes du monde entier, nous avons besoin de votre aide dans la lutte commune que nous partageons.

Le 24 mars, l’activiste français Vincent Aubry sera jugé au tribunal de Toulouse pour “vol aggravé”.

Une vingtaine de lapines ont été exfiltrées d’un centre de recherche de l’INRAE près de Toulouse, qui les utilisait pour des expérimentations.

Depuis cette action, qui visait à mettre en lumière les pratiques de cet institut public qui torture génétiquement des animaux depuis plus de 50 ans, l’INRAE n’a jamais vraiment été une cible prioritaire pour le mouvement antispéciste, ses activités sont même plutôt méconnues.

Pourtant c’est la source de tout un système qui massacre les animaux par milliards, animaux devenus de simples matières premières grâce aux savants fous de l’INRAE, et à nos impôts.

Aujourd’hui nous avons besoin d’une solidarité générale du mouvement antispéciste pour relayer publiquement le procès de Vincent afin de mobiliser au maximum lors de ce rassemblement, et plus globalement pour visibiliser ce qu’est la génétique animale.
Ces pratiques doivent être fermement dénoncées et condamnées, et les responsabilités de l’INRAE et de l’Etat français doivent être assumées.

Ce procès est une opportunité. Un rassemblement sera organisé devant le tribunal de Toulouse. La presse nationale et locale y est conviée.

L’INRAE est le fournisseur officiel des victimes de l’Élevage, financé par l’État.
Aujourd’hui ils nous poursuivent en justice, mais la Résistance Animaliste continuera à les attaquer pour rétablir la vraie justice.

Merci de partager massivement sur vos réseaux sociaux, d’en parler à votre communauté, de faire vos propres recherches sur la génétique animale dans votre pays, de cibler et dénoncer les coupables, pour les animaux et pour Vincent, qui se bat comme nous toustes chaque jour pour la libération animale et les ravages de la domestication.

Si vous voulez en savoir plus, vous impliquer, voici le lien vers la page du collecif Animal1st :

Jusqu’à ce qu’iels soient tous.tes libres ! ✊🖤


Ladislav Kuc is serving a twelve year sentence in Slovakia charged with the detonation of an explosive at a McDonalds. The police also tried to charge him with other incendiary attacks against shooting towers and threatening letters to veterinarians and vivisectors. For a long time, he suffered from abuse in prison, disregarding his mental health and forcing him into inhumane conditions. Because of his debt due to fines, he was not allowed to access a doctor for multiple years.

His situation has changed slightly as he has been transferred to a different prison. He reports that the conditions are slightly better, but he is still in need of support. Ladislav has mental health issues that have never been taken into consideration during his sentencing or his time in prison. The fact that he isn’t allowed to access a doctor because of his debt with the state is a breach of his human rights. The silence from the animal rights community and from the wider anarchist and prison abolitionist community is unacceptable, and we must change it once and for all.

After quite some time, we have managed to find a bank account where we are able to send him money to help with the fines and his needs in prison. He still owes almost 8000 EUR, and whilst his family sends some money every month, he only received 50% of it as the government takes the rest. We have kept a float of 1000 GBP aside purposely to send to Ladislav as soon as we found a way to do so and we will be sending that money next week. Until then, if you are able to, donations to Unoffensive’s PayPal will be redirected to that fund.

Ladislav likes metal and goth metal music, has a nephew who was just three months old when he was taken to prison and who he has barely managed to see over Skype in the past few months. His level of English is low, but he is completely able to communicate via letter, and you should most certainly write to him!

This is what you can do to help:

1- If you can afford it, pop a donation over PayPal with a “Ladislav” on the notes. We will be sending money next week.
2- Get together with your animal rights group, tab group, protest camp, anarchist black cross, literally anyone, and organise solidarity fundraisers and letter writing days.
3- Write a letter yourself, this evening, and get it sent!
4- Share and spread the word. Ladislav has gone unnoticed for a long time. We should change it
5- Ideally from Slovakia, Ladislav needs a supporters group. A website, people in contact with the barrister and the family, news fro prison coming out and most importantly, emotional support. If you think you can help organise that support crew, please get in touch. We have some information to share, and we truly believe this is vital in order to help Ladislav whilst incarcerated.

This is his address:

Ladislav Kuc
Gucmanova 19/670
Priečinoik 7


And if you are able to afford a donation, you can send it over PayPal to:
unoffensive_animal (at) tutanota (dot) com

Share this, let people know, help in any way you can.



We have (slightly) good news about Eric. For those who don’t know who he is, Eric has been in prison after being arrested and charged with an attempted firebombing of a government official’s office in Kansas. His release was scheduled for 2023, but since, Eric’s anarchist convictions have made guards and nazis in prison target Eric physically and psychologically. He is now facing new charges after screws made fake allegations of assault, during which Eric was beaten up. His new trial was moved to April of this year and his letter ban seems to have been lifted. To avoid trouble, please don’t send postcards, and just use plain white paper and black ink.

If you don’t know what to write about, Eric has a nice list of things he likes on his website, which you can find here:

He also has a book Wishlist you can order from so he can read stuff whilst in prison:

Please write to Eric. A simple letter can make it or break it for someone in prison:

Eric King #27090-045
FCI Englewood
9595 West Quincy Avenue
Littleton, CO 80123

We also have news on the Swedish front. Thanks to a generous donation, we sent 1500GBP to Djurfront, which helped cover the fines, plus Karl’s fines. Knowing that they don’t have to worry about all that cash is fantastic, and it is only thanks to all of our supporters that we can help, so thank you!

Karl had their first trial about calls to fur farmers, ended up with a guilty sentence, giving Karl 100 hours of community service as well as a hefty fine. The good news is that they were released from prison and doesn’t have to be locked up awaiting the next trial! We can only send all our solidarity to you, Karl! And long run the fox!

So with all this good news, the only thing left to mention is to write to prisoners. Visit our website, pop by the ‘Prisoner support’ tab and choose someone to write to. Their freedom is at the end of your pen.


Art by @goaskforde


The past 13th of December (ACAB DAY!!) Richii was released from prison. We cannot be happier to let you all know and we hope many of you wrote letters of support and love.

We hope that Richii has a great time getting back to his friends, family, and whatever projects he might want to take on!

As this post is short, we would like to remind people that many others are still locked up.

Karl is in prison on similar charges to Richii’s and awaiting trial, so please consider writing them a letter!

Their address is: Karl Häggroth
Box 37
542 21, Mariestad

You can find other prisoner addresses on our website:

Remember that if you cannot afford stamps, envelopes or going out, we got you covered. At the bottom of our Prisoner support page you can write a letter and send it our way, we will print it and post it for you! Donations for this are completely optional. The only thing you should do is to write your postal address within the letter if you would like for folks to write back.



As many of you know, Richii has been locked up in a Swedish prison under fabricated charges, just for campaigning against the fur industry. The saga does not end there, there is a second prisoner and multiple activists have been fined for protesting Niclas Pettersson’s fur farm in Falkernberg.

A few folks were fined after being charged with trespass and (you can’t make this up) wearing a mask at a protest. The fines account to 30,000 SEK (around 3000 EUR) and they have opened up a couple of income streams for anyone to donate and help get those fines covered. Thanks to our patrons and folks buying merch, we sent 600GBP their way just this morning, but we are asking to anyone who is able to donate, even if it is just 10 coins, to do so! Any amount will help getting rid of the burden of fines by the state.

You can donate by PayPal using their email address: [email protected]

Or you can order some of their merch here:

Secondly, our comrade Karl has been snatched, arrested and thrown into jail awaiting trial, again under fabricated accusations and simply for campaigning against the mink farm in Falkenberg. We don’t know how long Karl is facing as the trial is likely to take a while, but they would be immensely grateful for letters of support and love. Please, write to Karl but remember not to write anything incriminating in the letters as these are likely to be monitored. Karl uses they/them pronouns.

Prisoner address:
Karl Häggroth
Box 37
542 21, Mariestad

You can follow Djurfront and what they are doing with their campaigns on or in social media.

Please remember that it is everybody’s responsibility to show solidarity and love to prisoners and activists being bashed by the state. The fight is long and we are likely to see more people being targeted by a system that was programmed to protect itself. Capitalism is a massive monster, but our solidarity and strength can topple even the biggest of enemies.

Until we win.

Prisons are for burning!


The prison system is fucked up for multiple reasons. It once and again shows how it doesn’t work or “rehabilitate offenders”. It has been designed to push further class divide and to ensure those dissenting are silenced. Worse of all, it is a blatant corporate business where a few enterprises control the trade within the walls, making reoffending a profitable action!

For those reasons, and many more, we stand against all prisons. Prison abolition cannot come soon enough.

There is another huge layer to the prison system that as a movement we keep forgetting about. There are folks in prison who were thrown behind those walls for the crime of fighting for a just world. From black panthers (seriously, still) to anti GMO activists and animal liberation folks, many folks are locked up to keep their mouth shut and their spirits low simply because their actions were a threat to the status quo.

People are forgotten behind those walls whilst we write “heroes” under any HIT REPORT comment section. The same people who are praised on instagram could be forgotten the day they enter prison.

This is why we insist on prison solidarity. From our side, we divert quite a bit of the money we make to help stock up the accounts of some prisoners, so they can get commissary food or buy stamps or make some calls. But you can also help, even if you don’t have money to donate. Writing a letter can open a window to the outside, can remind them that they are not alone, can ensure they know they are not forgotten.

Send them news (sometimes, a report or two are nice to read, just remember not to send anything incriminating), tell them about the last hike you did, or the demo you went to, or about your favourite ice cream flavour. The content doesn’t necessarily matter if you’re able to transport them away from prison and into a world of colours other than beige and grey. It might feel like a difficult task, writing to someone you don’t know, but you will 100% make someones day.

You can find a few addresses under our “Prisoner Support” tab on our website:

On that same link you’ll find other sites that have even more addresses, resources on how to write to prisoners and ideas about what to talk about as well as political texts on prison abolition.

Please, take 20 minutes of this evening and write a letter. Choose someone at random, it does not matter. Write a letter today.

And remember, comrades break comrades out of prison.


PS: Art by No Bonzo (@nobonzo)


Many months after Richii’s sentence, the filth has taken him to prison to serve six months. We want to remind you how important it is to support folks in prison, write letters and send love his way, he will need it.

Richii was arrested and sentenced on bogus charges for fighting against the fur industry. He was targeted because of his history organising in animal rights in Sweden and used as an example to try to stop a campaign that has become increasingly effective. His charges are manufactured to make him look bad and are not based in reality.

Read his words below:

“Auf wiedersehen comrades

if you are reading this, I have been kidnapped by our animal hating & corrupt state and will be imprisoned for a while.

Many of you have asked me if I want any form of support in prison. Feel free to write me! However, do not feel obligated to send money or other expensive things. Instead, donate that money to your local animal sanctuary.

Never to stop fighting for the animals, regardless of any resistance or setbacks.

We are the only ones they’ve got, the only ones who want to save them at any cost and the only ones who care enough and are dedicated enough to set our egos aside for what’s right. We are the ones fighting to end cruelty and exploitation of animals and we’re going to end it once and for all, step by step.

Fight even harder to crush the resistance: show no mercy for those who stand between us and the oppressed individuals we are trying to save from a certain death.

Fight back. Organize yourself.
No revolution has ever begun without a fight, no revolution ever happened in silence. Silence Is Violence.

Raise your voice for those who can’t speak, fight until every cage is empty and smashed into pieces. I will join you as soon as I can.

For the animals


My adress in prison :

Box 3112
200 22 Malmö


We bring some good news today!

Animal rights prisoners Sven Van Hasselt has been released from prison. He was sentenced to five years in prison in 2018 charged with “conspiracy to blackmail”, a charge piggybacking a law that was purposely set up to stop the SHAC campaign. After having served over half of his sentence, he is now out with conditions for the rest of the sentence.

His release marks the first time in 20 years that there is no one in prison in relation to the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) campaign which officially disbanded in 2014.

In other news, we have been told that Joseph Dibee (who was arrested over two years ago) in relation to ALF and ELF actions in the US during the 90s is in fact still in prison. You can write to him here:

Joseph Dibee #812133
Multnomah County Jail
11540 NE Inverness Dr.
Portland, OR 97220

Lastly, we’ve been informed that the only way to send correspondence to Peter Janssen, who is locked up awaiting trial accused of arson at a duck slaughterhouse is via their support email, so if you want to send any support, please write to:

Remember that solidarity is our biggest weapon