Mel has been held on remand for the last 6 months, with a trial scheduled to start on 24th July. It’s been a long wait inside for him and with more time to go any letters of support could really help him keep busy and stay connected with the outside world. You can also use the email a prisoner website, though letters are preferred.

Mel has been keeping up to date with the news and is interested in history, wildlife and the natural world – just in case you were stuck for a topic of conversation!

Please do not discuss any details about the case. Mel is receiving some books more easily now, although the prison staff are strict about what is ‘appropriate’, so (unfortunately) avoiding AR material may save you some money. You can also send cards from prison approved suppliers, details can be found through the HMP Peterborough website.

Please contact Mel using the address below, include a stamped addressed envelope for a reply.

Mel Broughton A3892AE
HMP Peterborough
Saville Rd
United Kingdom

The ALFSG offer support to people in a similar position to Mel. You can
help them do this here


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