Imagine that someone (not you, you would never break the law) has done some crime to help some animals, or to hurt a nazi, or to scare some earth destroyer, and that someone wishes to share their story with the world in hopes that others might too take action. It is difficult to navigate digital forensics, but fear not!, UA is here to help. We have existed as an anonymous platform for direct action for nearly eight years, we have never wanted to know who the ‘criminals’ are and we have set up a system that helps everybody stay anonymous.

1- write your story. Tell us fun details and motivations and whatever else feels right, but don’t give personal information out. We don’t want it. Also avoid writing fascist shit because we will literally not publish it. 161 always.

2- open the TOR Browser. It exists for computer, it exists for smartphones, literally no excuse. This browser helps you keep anonymous by routing your connection through multiple nodes around the world, like an onion with many layers! It means it is a little slower, but worth the anonymity.

3- Head to and scroll down til you find the contact us box. Paste your text.

4- If you have images, use (through the TOR Browser) any of the service providers that allow for media upload (,…). You should probably clean the metadata first. Use Obscurecam or ExifCleaner. Once you have the media link, paste it with your text in the contact us box.

5- answer the math question. You’re allowed to use calculators if you fancy!!!

6- tap on send. That’s it

If after doing that, your little story is not anonymously published within two weeks, you can use a throwaways email like anonymouse to send us an email with message and media. Hopefully we hear about it that way! If it still doesn’t appear, then consider re-reading your report and checking if you’re a fast. We don’t publish fast shit.

And that’s about it. Happy anonymous reporting!


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