25th March, Germany.

Via Indymedia.

[On the night of 25-26 March, a building went up in flames in the east of Halle-sur-Saale, a town about twenty kilometres from Leipzig in the region of Saxony-Anhalt. Only this grey suburban building was no ordinary building: it housed a martial arts gym called “Gladiator Fight Academy”, which the local neo-Nazis were about to open next April. All the equipment in the hall went up in flames, with damage estimated by the police at 250,000 euros. Below is the translation from the Indymedia report].

“In Halle, attempts are repeatedly being made to establish or strengthen a right-wing extremist scene. This is also the case with the planned opening of the “Gladiator Fight Academy” martial arts centre.

But Halle is once again showing its best side and leaving no room for the structural training of militant fascists.

On Tuesday morning (26.03.24), the warehouse where the fascists wanted to make themselves comfortable went up in flames. Initial estimates put the damage at a quarter of a million euros.

Thank you Halle.”

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