18th March, Dorset, UK.

[ editor’s note: photo unrelated, rat trap sabotage in Regensburg 2021.]

“Each box was labelled as containing ‘rodenticide’ so we knew not to smash them up and risk scattering it, and not to just toss them into the bin where they could hurt other rats. We didn’t have the means to cut the wires and take all of them away to dismantle and burn so we settled for knowing that at least by filling each one with expanding foam, no one could be lured to their death that night. One bottle of it filled around 8 traps and meant that they aren’t going to be able to harm anyone until someone notices and actively deals with it, and we’ll be ready for if that happens. If you see traps, it’s easy and takes minimal tools to potentially save lives. No poison on our streets, freedom and life for all beings.”

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