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Many of you have reached out about Talon, asking if we knew why it was down. Well, we can confirm Talon Conspiracy is back online! 

Talon Conspiracy is an incredible website that has over the years archived magazines, zines, leaflets and periodicals of the earth and animal liberation struggles. 

From a collection of Animal Liberation Front Supporters Group magazines to obscure one-off publications, the website is a treasure chest of historical information and is without a doubt worth spending weeks looking around! 

Those pieces of history don’t just inform us of how campaigns used to be run, or what tactics, strategies and discussions the movement has seen over the years (you’d be surprised about how much conversation there has been about racism and transphobia in the movement over the past decades!) But it also is a good research point for current campaigns. 

Many of the places that once were the target of activism still stand, and names and addresses can be found within all those magazines. 

As far as we can tell, the Talon Conspiracy is going to be rebranded as “archive of animal and earth liberation publications”, we will let you know when that has happened, but for now enjoy all the reading material you could ever desire!

Thank you to those who out of love for the movement worked so tirelessly to create this archive, and thank you to those who are now maintaining it! 


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