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Dear friends and comrades from the whole world: we’re addressing you this email to show what we are suffering and to show you our struggle.

Down here, in the third world, Latin America, Brasil, things are getting tougher everyday. To live here is to live exploited by the rest of your life receiving a minimum wage, and this talking about those who are privileged enough to receive a minimum wage – but there are those who don’t have nothing.

In the favelas for example, very common in Brazil, we fight everyday for the past 100 years against the State, the Police and the Capital.

In this context, the Favela do Banhado, located in the city of São José dos Campos, Brazil, is leading a “green revolution” against the gentrification and the speculators, against the Prefecture and the Judiciary, and against the Police and the Media.

Through a hard, class counsciousness, grassroots envoronmentalist struggle, Banhado is showing to the world it’s beauty and it’s fight. And this fight, is just like David against Goliath.

We are waging a campaign at to raise 15.000 euros to completely transform our community. It’s sad but it’s true: if the State don’t stand for the people, we can only do things with money.

With your support and the help of other “privileged” countries, we can make huge and even miracle things happen down here, at the third world.

Help us transform the Favela do Banhado into a turistic, left-wing, ecological, spot in São José dos Campos.

For more information:

You can also get in touch with us on Instagram: @banhadoresiste

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