Help wolf activists pay fines! (Link below)

“Six wolf activists saved wolves that were confined by hunters and received fines of 73,000 Norwegian kroner (EUR 6,500) for it. This fundraising campaign aims to gather enough money to cover the fines for the activists. Any remaining funds will be used for legal expenses if the case goes to court and for a fine fund if similar actions occur again.

In the early hours of Tuesday 2 January six Norwegian wolf activists entered the hunt area of Aurskog-Høland in southern Norway. Hunters had been tracking a number of wolves from the Fjornshöjden pack, limiting the animals’ movement with flag-lines.

It is common practice in Norway for hunters to harry wolves using flag-lines, temporary fences many miles long that the wolves do not dare to cross. The fenced area is tightened until the wolves have little freedom of movement. At this point all the wolves within the fenced area are shot.

The hunt began on New Year’s Day, and by nightfall a number of wolves were trapped in the flag-lined area. The hunters decided that the flag lines should stand over night, so that the wolves would be easier to kill next day.

Wolves from the pack were heard calling to each other across the flag-lines. The trapped animals were in all likelihood highly stressed, unable to return to the safety of the pack.

At the darkest point of the night six activists slipped quietly into the area. The activists removed large parts of the fence, allowing all but one of the animals to escape and return to their family members. Sadly, one wolf did not escape. This was the alpha female, mother of this year’s litter of cubs. She was shot on 2 January. But hunters confirmed that several of the cubs survived.

Five of the six activists were arrested. They spent the night in police cells, and were fined a total of NOK 73,000 (EUR 6,500).”

Please donate generously. At the time of this post, they have already managed to raise 62k NOK. It would be incredible if we could help get them over the 11k NOK left, so donate if you can afford it but if you’re unable to, please share to every platform you can think of!


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