Every now and then we like to remind folks how they can submit anonymous reports, as it is easy to become complacent and not watch out for their security.

When someone wishes to submit an anonymous action, they should visit to read the most up to date information on how to contact us and keep themselves safe.

They will also find a “contact box” at the bottom that encrypts all text automatically before sending.

Through that contact box, folks can share anonymous reports, ensuring that a date and location is included and making sure they are not giving us any personal details, as we DO NOT want to know who you are or how to contact you.

If photos of videos are included, those should be uploaded (without registering) to either WeTransfer or File, or any other media server that will allow people to upload anonymously and that will hold the data for AT LEAST 7 days. The download link can then be pasted into the contact for alongside the report.

We DO NOT want to receive reports through social media DMs. It does not matter if the account does not have your real details on it. This is not simply out of safety for the sender and for us (us knowing who takes illegal direct action is legally not ideal, and we do not want to carry that responsibility), it is also a logistical issue. We might check DMs, but we might ignore DMs for months! We will always check emails at least once a week, so contacting us through the contact form is the safest bet that we have not missed your message.

Now a quick word on security: We have implemented an encryption system from the moment you click on send to the moment we decrypt your message. Your visit to the website will nevertheless be recorded by your browser, your ISP, your device and our website servers. 

To remain anonymous through the process, you should consider using the TOR Browser (an easy download!) before you upload any media to WeTransfer or before you visit the contact us to send us a report. How you take care of your security and how far you go to ensure your anonymity is up to you. You could use a burner device, or travel to another country to submit a report, or do neither of those things. It is up to you to use the TOR Browser, or a VPN, or neither. You take care of you, but take it into consideration, because the internet has logs and they stay up forever.

For any other form of communication (non anonymous reporting, orders, queries and so on), you can use the contact us on our website but ensure you include an email address, because if not we won’t be able to answer.


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