WHEN: 25-27TH JANUARY 2024

1st International Gathering of Anarchist and Anti-authoritarian Practices Against Borders, January 25, 26 y 27 2024 in Tijuana, Mexico

We are a group of individuals with years of experience agitating for anarchist and anti-authoritarian ideas and practices in Tijuana: from solidarity events for prisoners and fugitives to propaganda activities like bookfairs and discussion groups to mutual aid like childcare and bicycle workshops.

Unfortunately we could no longer maintain our old, squatted space–Centro Social Okupado Mauricio Morales–out of which we raised confrontational proposals. The turbulent and disgusting requirements of daily life in capitalism proved too much of a constant struggle to keep the space. Nevertheless, with our networks and wills we have continued to bring together new proposals.

Now, we are calling on all those with affinity for war against power and authority, asking you for solidarity in organizing the 1st International Gathering of Anarchist and Anti-Authoritarian Practices, against the border in Tijuana January 2024. During the gathering, we will be organizing a space of encounter for practices tending towards confrontation against power, whether those be discussions, multimedia presentations, counter-information like books or zines, workshops, artistic projects, and any other creative activity that takes aim at breaking with thedaily affronts of authority. Taking into account the distance of many of our comrades, we will also open up participation over distance, whether those contributions be through writing, live video, or any other medium.The purpose of the gathering is to create an international platform for anarchist and anti-authoritarian agitation and propaganda through various horizontal practices of confrontation.

As organized individuals, we consider it important to propose ways that encourage the coming together of diverse forms of resistance against power, whether through discussions, actions, music, or propaganda—everything is valid when it comes to confronting power directly. This gathering serves as a laboratory in which theoretical and practical ingredients are mixed appropriately.

More info and support: [email protected]

Firefund (support ENINPAACF 2024): https://www.firefund.net/fenipraancof2024

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