Leonard Peltier is an activist for Native American rights, almost eighty years old (78 years), who has spent more than four and a half decades in prison (46 years), in the so called USA. Some of his incarceration Leonard has been forced to spend in solitary confinement, Over the years, Leonard’s support crew has worked tirelessly for his release. According to them, there is now hope that Leonard can be released from prison in the future. 

In 1977, Leonard was convicted in highly questionable ways for a crime he did not commit, the murder of two FBI agents. Since then, Leonard has been held captive by the state, with neither the possibility of reparation for the wrongs that occurred during his trial, nor the possibility of parole.

Remember! The state is never on the same side as those who are fighting for liberation, be that human or animal liberation. How Leonard has been treated is a disgusting example of the state’s oppression of minorities, repression and revenge against activists. 

There are several ways to help Leonard, so that he hopefully can spend the last years of his life outside the prison walls, and getting the help that he needs (Leonard is unfortunately not in good health). For example, drawing attention to Leonard’s case, writing him a letter, or contributing financially to the campaign for Leonard’s release. 


Read more about Leonard’s case, how to donate, write letters:

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