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We’ve all done it. We set a trap down for cat neutering, and the trap just doesn’t work. It keeps triggering when it shouldn’t, or just fails to trap that pesky cat! 

When you feel frustrated about a cage trap there is a way out of that frustration. 

First, check if you set up a wildlife camera around, you wouldn’t want to forget it when you leave your site! Once you refresh your memory, grab that cage and angle it at 45°, making sure that the trap door is facing downwards, you do not want it to be closed, you need the entrance wide open! 

You can use a tree to angle the cage, or you can ask a friend to hold it in place if there aren’t any trees around! Then, starting at the entrance of the cage, stand on the top corner and jump like a trampoline! As you jump, move towards the end of the cage so that you end up with a nice and flat cage. 

After the cage is flat, optionally, fold it in half by standing it up lengthwise and putting the weight of your body over it whilst pushing the middle inwards. You don’t need to do a lot of force, just let your bodyweight do the exercise! 

It is now ready for disposal, easy to transport and it will never be used to fail at trapping! 

Pro tip: if your cage is too sturdy, you might need to use boltcutters. We’ve even seen some folks using angle grinders! Just make sure you remove the trigger, or the door, or whatever part of the mechanism to ensure no neutering cat ends up trapped by mistake whilst you go fetching your tools! 

PS: This has NOTHING to do with the badger cull. The instructions are provided for the disposal of trashy, non-working, personal traps. Thank you. 

Also fuck the cull go support @undergroundbadgersyndicate

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