Remembering Hazel, the first ever T&S rabbit liberated by the ALF.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: we’ve received a memorial text for the first rabbit that was ever liberated from a T&S farm and reported under the ALF umbrella. The text calls for illegal action and we believe we should remind people that we do not promote illegal activities, and the words come from an alleged former ALF operative. The report they refer to can be found here: ]

Back in 2019 I stumbled upon T&S rabbits and I was left perplex by the abhorrent conditions of the farm and the fact that they were breeding rabbits to skin them and sell their fur.

At the end of August that same year, alongside some other ALF comrades, I broke into the farm in Granby and helped free four rabbits. Our intention was twofold. We wanted to give freedom to those rabbits, but we also needed to let the broader animal rights community know that fur farming was alive, even after the UK ban.

The first rabbit I grabbed and placed in the carrier was Hazel, a wide-eyed English spotted rabbit who after the initial scare of being snatched in the middle of the night munched contently on dandelion leaves on her way to freedom with her two sisters and her brother.

They were all about six months old and were distributed in pairs to safe homes who since then gave them the very best life possible.

A few days ago we heard the news that Hazel had passed after teeth complications. She had spent the past three years living with her sister and enjoyed causing chaos, jumping into bed and doing binkies every time she had the chance.

In many ways, Hazel was the catalyst to an incredibly inspiring storm that would shut down T&S Rabbits forever. A few months after her liberation some unknown comrades liberated even more rabbits from T&S. After that, and after some very heartwarming pictures of yet another liberation during Christmas, people set up a campaign that would ultimately shut down the farms.

During the campaign I watched from afar and wondered how Hazel and her siblings were doing. It is very sad to hear of her passing, but I write this because I believe her story should be heard to understand her legacy. She was the very first rabbit ever liberated from T&S by the ALF.

When we sent the report, at the very end, we signed “until we win”. We won. Hazel won the freedom for every rabbit released from the hellhole that was T&S.

Please, never give up the fight. Go out at night with your friends and fight back against the horrible exploitation that animals undergo every single day. Liberate, sabotage, bite back! You never know how much an action could contribute towards the broader struggle, even more when it is reported and folks learn about it and might take action themselves.

Make it your mission tonight to find freedom for somebody else, in raging and loving memory of Hazel.

The ALF needs you. The animals need you. Take action.

Binky free, wild one.

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