22nd of July marked the International Day of Action for Prisoners which demanded the release of the 6 currently incarcerated Palestine Action actionists. The group states: “As our campaign has intensified over the years, so has the state’s response to us. There are six actionists currently inside British jails, and over 100 more who may face prison. From denying some actionists the right to legal defences, to refusing bail and introducing new case law, the state is doing everything it can to try and stop us. But whilst Palestine remains occupied, and the Israeli military remains weaponised by arms made in Britain, we will not stop until our targets are shut down.”

For a continuous support against the legal actions faced by PalAction actionists, the network is asking for folks to get involved in Defendant Support to support more than 100 Palestine actionists who face trial for taking direct action to dismantle the production of Israeli weapons on British soil. The following support is needed: Arrestee Support at a police station, Mentoring Support for those awaiting trial or sentencing, Court Support (solidarity from the public gallery or outside, e.g. flag waving, leafleting, talking to the public), and Letter Writing to those detained. If you want to help, get in touch with PalAction through this link:

Among others, the trial against three actionists who disrupted the production of Israeli drone engines took place, with a verdict being given on 7th September. In support of the actionists, PalAction is calling for folks to mobilise from 9.30AM on 7th September at Walsall Magistrates Court, WS2 8HA as the verdict is delivered.

Meanwhile, the siege of Leicester’s Israeli weapons factory Elbit has reached 100 days with the actionists still standing strong. So far, this action has disrupted Elbit’s work and blocked its gates.

Within the last month, the siege was strengthened by further action. An autonomous underground cell has sent a drone to land on the roof of Leicester’s Israeli weapons factory with a special package. PalAction states that “the military drone makers get a taste of their own warfare”. Also, PalAction recently blocked the sewage pipes of Elbit using concrete, leaving Elbit clueless to the reasons behind the blockage. PalAction explains that this is an innovative way to respond to “the Israeli military launched air strikes and ground raids against Jenin refugee camp, murdering 13 Palestinians and displaced thousands more”. If you want to join the siege, PalAction is asking to bring a sleeping bag and head down to UAV Tactical Systems, LE19 1TP.

Photo: A march through Liverpool’s city centre against the imprisonment of Palestine Action prisoners held on the International Day of Action.

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