August, Wisconsin USA

received anonymously via email:

“a few nights ago we visited olsen fur farm (smieja) at w22875 state road 121 in independence wisconsin. it’s operational for now, but maybe releasing several hundred mink has a chance to close it for good. we hope many of the mink enjoy their freedom in the wild and that this farm will be unable to breed thousands upon thousands of them in future years. they have an opportunity now to cut their losses and leave the fur industry forever.

fur farms exist only for fashion and profit. though the industry has declined significantly in the past decade, hundreds of thousands of animals are bred and murdered for their fur every year. even if these minks lives in the wild are cut short by nature or human intervention, the farm would have undoubtedly slaughtered them all. there is real joy in bearing witness to these animals getting their first taste of freedom. we hope this action inspires others to take similar action for animals near them. with a little planning and a few cheap tools, you too can liberate hundreds of creatures in a few short hours. until all cages are empty, for humans and non human animals alike. free them ALL”

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