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2nd July, Atlanta USA.

“On a recent night, 2 groups of friends were feeling a little bored and decided to go on a fun little excursion. One group visited to home of LS3P senior architect Anthony Kenny at 235 Lake Drive in Norcross GA. Another group visited the home of Ambrish Baisiwala, who is on the APF board of trustees and works for Portman Holdings, at 683 Cumberland road NE in Atlanta. Messages were left in paint, tires were slashed. It was a joyful occassion all around. Thank you to the kind people who provided the names and addresses that facilitated this night of fun, particularly the free & rowdy Party. There are many more names and addresses of people making cop city happen that could be the locations of future fun nights for you and your friends if your looking for something to do!

-DTF party planning committee

Submitted Anonymously Over Email

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