Dan Baker, vegan and anarchist, has been imprisoned since 2021, but is now finally released from prison! 

Dan has been part of the International Freedom Battalion in Rojava. Dan was also active in the George Floyd uprising. In 2021, Dan was sentenced to 44 months in prison, for posting on social media about the importance of self-defense against fascists, during the January 6 riots in Washington, D.C. On July 7, 2023, Dan was finally free, and walked out of prison. 

Dan has had a hard time in prison. For example, Dan went on hunger strike, and was also attacked by fascists. Dan is now looking forward to starting a better life outside the prison walls, with friends and loved ones. 

Unfortunately, the difficulties are not over for Dan. Dan must immediately find a job and a home. Otherwise, Dan risks being forced back to prison again. 

A release fund has been set up to help Dan. It is urgent that the fundraiser quickly reaches its goal. Almost 3k of the 5k USD have already been raised, please join in and help a comrade! You can donate, and read about what Dan needs, in the links below.

Dan Bakers Release fund:

Dan Baker – Request For Aid:


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