Disclaimer for the feds: Incite, Conspire, Inspire is a solely-for-fun section never designed to give real advice. The tools, tactics and ideas given on the series are only thought to entertain. We would never dream of anyone using any of this tools as a form of dissent and we do not promote, partake in or condone any illegal activities that might derive from said tools.

Toilets are essential infrastructure that we don’t often think about. When they are busted it can be incredibly disruptive and costly.

Imagine you want to trash your own toilet, I imagine many of you have blocked your toilet before. Well what if you wanted to block your toilet again but in a way that was not fixable?

Hydraulic cement is a type of cement that sets quickly once in contact with water. People have permanently destroyed toilets with hydraulic cement using a simple method. They take nylon socks or tights and using a funnel fill them with about a fistful of hydraulic cement, something available at most hardware stores. They then tie a knot and store one or more in a plastic bag as the powder will leak through the nylon. They walk into their own toilet, not animal abusing giant McDonald’s or union busting Starbucks, their own toilet. Given CCTV is so prevalent in your own home and folks don’t want family to know they’ve ruined the loo people have been known to ditch their standard attire instead dressing in ‘normal’ looking clothes they got from the charity shop and will dispose of after. There’s a tendency to wear hats or a wig and covid mask to stay as unidentifiable as possible.

Once in the cubicle they get the makeshift cement powder ball wet and either push it into the pipe in the toilet bowl using the toilet brush or their hand wearing a washing up glove, or no glove if you are a particularly disturbed individual. Once they’ve ensured its properly wedged into the pipe they leave the stall without flushing.

You’re gonna end up with a huge bill now and might even need to move temporarily given the lack of usable toilets.

The toilet might be the pressure point you never thought of. We strongly advise that you only mess with your toilet and never anyone else’s.


Below is the collective communique published by the folks jailed after the arson at a meat packaging plant in Chile. Remember that you can support them by sending letters to: [email protected] and that you can donate to their fund on

More info here:

On November 3, 2022, we are detained by the BIPE in different territories, our houses are raided, accusing us of arson in an inhabited place, with danger to people. Due to the fire that affected the Susaron branch on September 19, 2022, resulting in the burning of its sales room, refrigerators and trucks, causing millions of dollars in damages.

On November 4, we went to detention control, where we were charged with the crime of arson and possession of ammunition, the butcher shop and the Public Prosecutor’s Office filed a complaint.

We were remanded in custody for 70 days while the investigation lasted.

Time that has been extended by the prosecutor until today, almost 7 months, due to the seriousness of the crime and the penalty that this deserves according to the penal code, which is around 15 to 20 years.

In these long months, we have gone through various emotions and feelings. Confronting the reality of every prisoner, facing the blow that prison generates in your habits and close circle. Keeping indeclinably the conviction and courage that led us to these cages. Living in our own flesh what millions of animals around the world live. A forced and arbitrary captivity. Violence and aggression. Based on the decision of a judge. In their case; the judge is the accepted human logic that sees them as things or inferior.

We do not regret our ideas and the steps that lead us to our becoming.
There is no wall, gendarme or bar, that makes us stop sustaining that animal liberation is a fundamental pillar of any anarchic or libertarian conception. And that in that glow, the active hands of those who embrace the idea against authority are primordial.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow. We are still at war!
For the fall of this and any society! Social-anti-social war!
Animal liberation! Total liberation! Under any consequence and affected.
Tony hermanx peluditx presente!!!

Vegan straight edge anarcho nihilist prisoners susaron case.


1st June, Vantaa Finland.

received anonymously via email:

“Our lives and environments are under a constant attack, because of this we have no other way than to defend ourselves by attacking against the forces that destroy us.

On Thursday 1.6. before dawn we cut a hole in the fence of Saga Furs in Vantaa, Finland and made an incendiary attack against their premises.

Saga Furs has no justification for existing. As a company they make profits for their rich owners and cause monstrous suffering to animals produced for the fur industry. This will not end by asking or hoping.

Until Saga Furs is fertilizer for our gardens.”

editor’s note: Saga Furs is a huge fur auction company. Image unrelated to the action.


Mink and Otter hunting season has begun so hunt saboteurs across the country are keeping an eye on the activity at kennels. Only 26 registered packs exist in the UK and Ireland, making them vulnerable to the multiple sabotage groups that operate. These packs operate using a small number of hounds and are usually transported in commercial and domestic vehicles, thus making them more difficult to locate oppose to a mounted hunt who are more obvious in appearance and use larger vehicles such as horse boxes and trailers. Efforts to continue hunting under the radar however inevitably get ruined upon the arrival of multiple sabotage groups forcing them to pack up. This was seen recently when Three Counties Hunt Sabs, Severn Vale Hunt Sabs, Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch and Herefordshire Hunt Sabs who recently stopped Three Counties Minkhounds from hunting. Members of the public can play an important role in sabotaging a hunt by notifying suspicious behaviour. This can be done by contacting the Hunt Saboteurs Association tip-off line at 07443148426. Making a call or sending a message can be enough to stop wildlife from being killed.

Whilst on the lookout for ‘any wildlife murders’, Jorvik and West Yorkshire hunt sabotage groups came across a lone shooter setting up a shooting hide and forced them to pack up and leave. Multiple sabotage groups elsewhere, including West Yorkshire, Hertfordshire and Staffordshire, were also successful throughout the month after finding and ‘decommissioning’ various spring traps and larsens. Underground Badger Syndicate, who also discovered an array of ‘animal persecuting contraptions’, concluded that there is more to be done; ‘It’s not the end though…[we] will be back’. The more you look, the more you find.

Demonstrations and outreach continued throughout the month, including against the West Norfolk Foxhounds and the North Cotswold Hunt. These are important as hunting relies heavily on securing revenue through fundraising events, which double up as recruiting drives for mounted riders and other followers who pay to spectate. Eliminate these lines of support and a hunt soon starts to crumble.

One protest that had a large presence of saboteurs in attendance was outside Dorchester Police station, following increasing violence and illegal hunting from hunts in Dorset. This reaffirms that even though legislation against hunting (with packs of hounds) exists, the police and crime prosecution service do not care about wildlife. As a matter of fact, the UK government took a last-minute U-turn on the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill, which would have added extra complications for hunting and detrimental to other animal industries. True wildlife defence has, and always will, come from action on the ground, implemented through a range of tactics from a myriad of people from different communities. Not the state.



4th June, unknown location

received anonymously via email:

“The Sunshine hellhole

Every year on National Animal Rights Day, many great people go out to march and advocate for animals; an important part of our cause for animal liberation. However, once the banners are put up and the sun sets away, the cruelty continues.

Next time you are out at your local park or just cruising basically anywhere, gaze up at the trees. For a start, you can admire their gracious heights and the beautiful creatures that live amongst them. However, certain trees will have an insect trap imposed upon its branches. These glue traps kill any creature who is unfortunately baited onto its unforgiving mat. The fortunate part is that they are pretty easy to find; they are basic-looking triangular prisms that are tan and stand out against green foliage. An easy target that anyone can do. Even if it is just one, its life-saving.

So far four traps are down and more shall follow their same fate. Fuck the government and its cruelty to the most vulnerable. This act is dedicated to anyone who has helped animal abusers and earth rapists suffer consequences from their actions. “

Editors note: Image not related to the action. Location not communicated by the anonymous activist.


When going to a protest or an aboveground action there are risk factors to analyse before taking a phone. Sure, someone is doing social media and needs to take some photos and sometimes we might feel vulnerable without a pocket device that can call friends if something happens and you are left stranded in the middle of a field. The issue is, telephones are little spying devices, they are able to spy on you live if they have been previously infected, and even if they haven’t, they hold so much information about you and your activity and behaviour that if they are to be arrested, they can really unearth extreme amounts of information about you and your friends.

Over the next few episodes, we will discuss different ways we can protect ourselves from harming our safety or our comrades’ safety when handling technology at demos and protests, but remember that threat modelling is crucial and you should be able to analyse what your current threat model is, and what the threat model of the action is, making decisions about your best course of action relating to your phone!

To start with, even tho we have talked about this multiple times in the past, we will give two pieces of advice that apply not only to when you are going to a demo, but at all times:


FaceID and FingerprintID are incredibly convenient. You don’t need to introduce a very long password to access your phone, and on a day-to-day basis, it is difficult for other people to try and replicate your face or your finger! The issue is there are huge vulnerabilities with using biometrics. In case studies, folks have managed to 3d print fingerprints out of data or replicate a FaceID verification with a flat photo. But do you know who has your fingerprint data as soon as you are arrested? The police.

This is not just about some sophisticated method to print and implement your fingerprints either. Whilst passwords are memorable things and you could potentially forget your decryption password if you were to be forced by the police to decrypt your device, you are simply not able to forget your fingerprints or face. The police have been seen forcing people’s fingers into screens to unlock devices or holding the head of activists in front of the smartphone’s camera to trigger the faceID. YOU SHOULD NEVER, EVER, USE BIOMETRICS!


We have talked about this in the past, but your smartphone’s lock screen password is most likely your smartphone’s decryption key. You should have a long, alphanumeric password that you are able to remember but that would be very hard to guess. You can read more about how to create a smartphone password by reading “CREATING A SAFE PASSPHRASE FOR YOUR SMARTPHONE” on our website.

In future issues of “So you’re taking a phone to a protest” we will talk about burner phones, IMEI numbers, messaging and managing social media from a protest, not taking phones to a protest and more. Tune in for the next one and please drop a comment if you have any questions!

Your local anarchist cyber-counsellor.


DeKalb County

In Dekalb County the judge ruled to uphold domestic terrorism charges because the act of setting fire to the construction site close to a power line tower was considered a direct threat to critical infrastructure, and claims that the alleged were each a party to the alleged crimes committed on March 5(even if the alleged did not start any of the fires nor commit any crimes).

The state described the “Defend the Forest Movement” as being well funded and having a “pretty good propaganda arm”, and as a pyramid scheme, with different subgroups designed to attract new members and subordinate to the leadership of a main group under a command structure.

The next day, at the hearing for the 23 people arrested on March 5th, the state described the Atlanta Solidarity Fund(which is a bail and legal defense fund for activists in the city, and who they have since arrested and charged the members of), as being investigated as a “central part” of the Defend the Forest Movement.

Fulton County

In Fulton County, the state argued that the alleged was a party to the alleged unlawful assembly, riot, arson and property destruction on January 21.

The state said that a repayment from the “Forest Defense Fund” for supplies an activist purchased for a welcome table in 2022 was evidence that they were well positioned in the movement and knew what was going to happen at the protest on January 21, and argued that a social media post sharing a flyer for a “night of rage” on January 20 was further evidence of their culpability. Several times throughout both hearings, prosecutors presented defendants’ social media posts.

The state also drew a hilarious comparison to the 9/11 attack in New York City USA saying, “[Protesters] were trying to knock out the windows of 191 Peachtree Street. That is a dangerous situation. That’s a twin towers.

Both judges stated in court that prosecutors would need to reach a much higher standard when the cases goes to trial.

This is a summary of an Atlanta Community Press Collective article that describe these hearings in greater detail.


3rd June, Midlands UK.

received anonymously via email:

“Lamb liberated in solidarity with Marius Mason and all long term anarchist prisoners.

We’d seen the lambs many times, we knew, while they were with their mums now, it wouldn’t be that long before they fattened up and the farmer sent them to slaughter. The field was easy to access but watchful mums keeping their babies close were hard to catch. Herding them into a corner and closing in we managed to grab one. Picking them up and taking them to safety we hoped their mum would understand that we’d look after them. We wish we could of taken her other lamb and her, the whole herd. They all deserve better than what awaits them. This lamb will get real care and never see the slaughterhouse or be left to die and decay in some field corner.

It is nearly June 11th, so with the freedom of this lamb we want to send love to Marius and all anarchist comrades serving prison. The fight goes on, and we hope that reading about this lamb allows you to feel freedom, even if just for a second.

To Lisa E and the German antifascists. To our Chilean comrades awaiting trial. To the KTB prisoners. You are not forgotten. We keep fighting.

Until we are all free, every cage is empty and every slaughterhouse and prison is up in flames,



28th May, Denmark.

received anonymously via email:

“A few nights ago the ALF attacked one of the largest hatcheries for the egg industry in Denmark.

A well coordinated attack by activists on one of the largest hatcheries for the egg industry in Denmark. Over 20,000 fertilized eggs where kept in a cooling room, which prevents the eggs from developing into chicks. Fertilized eggs are stored at around 17 degrees Celsius for up to 3 weeks, before being moved to the “pre-incubators”, where they are kept for 18 days at around 37 degrees Celsius. At 37 degrees, they develop into chicks, before being moved to incubators the last 3 days, where the eggs hatch.

Once hatched, the males would be gassed to death, while the females would be abused for their bodies for over a year, before also being gassed to death.

Only the 20,000 eggs kept in the cooling room at 17 degrees were destroyed. Every measure was taken to ensure that no animals were harmed.

Not only did this action cause the hatchery economic damage and disrupt their industry, it also prevented over 20,000 chickens from being born into a terrible life.”