In 2019 in Quebec, Canada, folks entered a pig farm to orchestrate a blockade. Eleven people were arrested and charged with breaking and entering and impeding a police officer. As well as the blockade, they released a huge amount of footage showcasing the horrible conditions the pigs had to endure in their confinement.

After the action, the footage obtained was publicly released, causing a huge ripple effect. MAPAQ (the Ministry of Agriculture in Quebec), had never once inspected the Progreg farm in their forty years of existence. They visited the farm just a week after the occupation for the first time since the farm had opened, which made the farm lose its licence. Due to the pressure and footage from the activists they ended up losing all investors and customers, shutting down the farm for good.

Since then, the eleven activists have had a long process through their trial, where the farmer insisted that they had turned the thermostats in the breeding units down and complained about the fact that they had to close down.

All activists were found guilty and sentencing was delivered last week. From the eleven, five people received suspended sentences, and six folks received conditional discharges. They also received two years of probation and ordered to pay a 500 dollars fine to a charity of the judge’s choice, as well as 100 hours of community service.

Solidarity with all fighting against human supremacy!

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