The Campaign against the Fur Trade (CAFT) continues its campaign against luxury goods businesses LVMH and Max Mara.

The main action this month has been the weekend of action from the 9th to the 11th of June. Across three days there were 20 protests, which helped to continue to keep the heat up against these upholders of animal cruelty.

Unsurprisingly, the fur industry hasn’t seemed too pleased with CAFT recently. Earlier this month Keith Dargatz, a fur farmer, responded with violence against a CAFT member protesting the opening day of the American Mink Exchange. In a very fortunate chain of events, that farmer had been raided in 1995, no activists were arrested after the raid. Unknown to him, Keith spent some good time screaming “Are you guys ALF? Are you guys ALF people?!” to various former ALF prisoners that had served time for other actions.

In NYC, physical force was also used against CAFT protestors in a Dior store. Evidence can be seen on CAFT’s Instagram page for both cases. CAFT recommends leaving negative reviews on the Dior 5th Avenue store’s page for this, or phoning 646-915-0420 to complain.

For advice on how to get involved in the campaign, CAFT’s views on how to handle police whilst on protest, and on why targeting fur alone is the most effective strategy, take a look at CAFT’s website.

In the meantime, the struggle goes on!

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