On May 1st, Pal Action is starting their siege of the Elbit’s factory in Leicester.

The group states: “UAV TACTICAL SYSTEMS, owned by Elbit Systems, sends millions of pounds worth of military equipment to Israel each year, straight from the Leicester factory.”

You can join them on May 1st from 3pm at the gates of UAV Tactical Systems, Unit F Meridian East, Leicester, LE19 1TP, UK. Bring a sleeping bag and camping equipment – PalAction is planning to stay until Elbit leaves.

If you are looking for alternative accommodation in Leicester to support the siege, email [email protected] or visit

For anyone planning to join and support on the ground, the group organised a shuttle bus for free leaving from Leicester train station public car part/taxi rank to the factory. The bus will be leaving at 12pm, 2pm and 3pm. A clear sign will help you find the right one.

In the runup to the siege, PalAction has set up a surprise camp next to the factory, hiding in trees and unnoticed by the police and Elbit’s security for 12 hours!

Photo: The photo shows PalAction activists setting up their surprise camp in the trees at Leicester’s Elbit factory.

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