The Campaign for the Abolition of the Fur Trade (CAFT) keeps throwing blows at the capitalist enterprises profiting from fur around the world. After successfully campaigning against the sale of fur by multiple brands, they are now focused on two main targets.

The first is LVMH, which is a conglomerate of luxury goods businesses headed by Bernard Arnault (the world’s latest richest man). LVMH owns brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dio and Fendi – each of which sell fur coats.

To coincide with LVMH’s AGM (meeting of shareholders), CAFT is joining an international spell of campaigining from April 20th to April 30th to get them to commit to a fur-free policy. In this period, the group calls for everyone to get active by demonstrating outside your local store, signing CAFT’s petition, leafleting, doing video outreach, stickering, or by getting creative! Full details and resources found here on the CAFT USA website. Wherever you are, find the closest LVMH (or any of it’s daughter companies!) location and join the fight against the sale of fur!

As well as LVMH, CAFT is targeting MaxMara, an Italy-based business which sells high-end ‘fashion’. In March, one activist in Los Angeles was arrested for ‘disturbing the peace’ during a demonstration. CAFT calls for activists to continue campaigning against MaxMara until they take the easy option and drop fur!

With both targets, CAFT is willing to offer support in getting started if you email them. No action is too small; every action makes a difference!

Check CAFT out:

IG: @caftusa


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