Unoffensive was born many years ago as a tool to bridge radical underground action with the social media environment which most animal lib activists and vegans got their activism news from. Since then, we have started many projects and attempted to bring as many different news and struggles as possible to all our followers and readers.

After six years of working on the project daily, we really could do with fresh voices and support from other folks who would like to contribute. We did put a call for submissions not that long ago, but sadly most of the offers were on the art side of things which UA doesn’t tend to publish much about, and in the end, we got back to square one with no new contributors. We have decided to make clear what UA is looking for, and then let you all take part in it if you have time and wish for this project to keep going.

With our level of energy and time and without extra contributors, we won’t be able to carry on with the collective.

Of course, we are happy to hear about other ideas and articles, but here is a skeleton of the very basics of what we are looking for.

THE FRONTLINES attempts to bring news about current campaigns. Some campaigns we have focused on lately (and would like to publish more about) are CAFT USA’s actions against the fur industry, Defend the Atlanta Forest or Palestine Action. Folks within the campaigns are welcome to send a round-up of events every couple of weeks, but even if you are not part of the campaign but can keep a constant eye on what’s been happening and write a summary, that would be fantastic!

ALFRIDAYS used to be a video series where we would publish short videos or long documentaries of historical events relating to the animal liberation and earth liberation movement, and give an insight into the history behind it and perhaps external further reading. If anyone would like to take that task on, please reach out!

A is for Anarchy was an attempt at explaining basic anarchist concepts to folks who are not used to reading politics. Short and sweet, we have introduced concepts like Mutual Aid, Direct Action or the Black Block. The articles are not long, but they need to aim to be very simple and clear explanations of anarchist concepts for all those who might be doing their first steps as anarchobabies!

There are other topics and ideas that we would love to discuss with folks who feel like they can contribute, and we are always happy to hear yours! 

If you think you can dedicate an article a week, every couple of weeks, or even once a month, please reach out over email and let’s get talking.

Unoffensive Animal is a collective, and we all make it. If you want it to carry on and have the time and energy, step forward and let’s collaborate!


Unoffensive Animal.

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