25th January, New York USA.

via: Scenes From the Atlanta Forest.

“In the early hours of January 25th, the New York City office of Alta Vista, a subsidiary of Cop City collaborator Atlas Technical Consultants, was attacked in revenge for the killing of a beautiful queer Afro-Indigenous revolutionary some of us knew by the name Tortuguita. Alta Vista’s glass lobby doors got smashed—we hear for the second time—and messages were left in spray paint: Avenge Tort, Stop Cop City

Tortuguita should be here. It is unbearable that they are not—biking through the forest; cracking jokes about kratom; excitedly debating anarchist theory; organizing to sustain life in their communities; meeting all power and borders with unwavering hostility. We will never forget how these monsters took our friend’s precious life. We will make sure they never forget either.

May Tortuguita’s smile be the flame we carry to set this civilization on fire, and may it be the light that reminds us to love each other over the ashes.”

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