29th December, Wisconsin USA.


“it’s a good thing animal safe havens and wildlife rehabbers talk. we got word of a few mink infected with the deadly and contagious aleutians disease. we cared for these animals in their dying weeks, carefully saving the feces and urine.

we then bypassed security measures and entered the zimbal’s mink farm locations at 6437 abraham ct, sheboygan falls, wi 53085 and 9532 sauk trail rd,  oostburg, wi 53070 and sprayed down the cages with urine and infected the feed supply with a liquid mix of feces and urine.

zimbal farms are said to be the largest mink slaughterhouses in so called north america with up to 240,000 mink imprisoned. aleutian disease is highly transmittable, and once a farm is

infected, it spreads rapidly through the mink population. the only ethical (and profitable, if you don’t have ethics) thing to do would be to dispose of the food supply, disinfect the entire property and destroy all exisiting cages and never reopen.  go grow some vegetables.

fur is a disgusting and dying industry. close your farms and figure out how to actually be a contribution to the community.”

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