During the last police attack against the Atlanta Forest Defenders, six people were arrested and sent to jail on terrorism charges for simply sitting in treehouses to stop the felling of trees for the building of a new police training city and a sound stage.

We have received the news that after multiple court appeals, all the arrestees have been granted bail and will be able to come back out to loved ones instead of spending any ,more time in jail until their case is heard in court.

We have taken down the mailing information about the defendents, but remember that many other prisoners remain locked up. Please write a letter to someone today:

We could not be happier to hear the news and want to send all the love and support to everyone who have had to endure the prison system for the protection of the Atlanta Forest.

Welcome back to the woods.

PS: Atlanta Defence Fund is still up and in need of support, the defence work will still need to carry on until court and lawyers fees are expensive. If you can afford it, please drop them some coins:

For more info on the campaign:

Scenes From the Atlanta Forest.

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