Mel Broughton, a dedicated activist from the UK, has been in prison since last month. He does not wish for his charges to be discussed publicly, but he would love the support and love you folks can show by sending mail to him.

Whilst he had a tumultuous few days at the beginning of his remand, with little to no vegan food and problems with being able to take medication, he has now settled and is doing a lot better. He is working in the library and has actually asked for books, specially about animals and nature.

From Peterborough Prison’s website, this is how mail (and books!) are handled:

“We accept books for prisoners sent directly from friends or family, or via our approved retailers. These are Waterstones, WH Smith and – we do not accept books purchased via Amazon. All books are subject to security protocols and must be sent separately, they cannot be accepted as part of a property parcel.”

Magazines, electronics, cash, food parcels and anything directly from Amazon is not permitted by the prison.

Of course, you can also send letters! Remember that he is on remand, so you SHOULD NOT discuss any legal maters and certainly you should assume that all mail is monitored by the screws, so do not put yourself (or him) at legal risk by discussing things you really shouldn’t!

His prison address:

Mel Broughton A3892AE
HMP Peterborough
Saville Rd
United Kingdom

Show Mel some solidarity, write a short letter and let him know he is not alone! 

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