6th May, Paris France.

received anonymously via email:

“Here is some photos of graffitis done the 6 of may in Paris,

Here are the graffs’ translations:

“À spécisme général, animalisme radical” means “To general speciesism, radical animalism”
(there should be no “e” at the end of “général”, it was misstyped..)

“Spécisme = terrorism” means ” Speciesism = Terrorism”

“L’élevage banalise les génocides” means “husbandry banalizes genocides”

“Pas de répis pour les acteurs de l’holocauste animal” means “No peace for the animal holocaust actors/perpetrators”

“Les abattoirs ont pris la relève de Treblinka” means “Slaughterhouses relayed Treblinka”
(“abattoirs” was misstyped too..)

“Le sang de ceux qui remplissent les abattoirs coulera” means “The blood of those who run the slaughterhouses will be shed” or “Those who run the slaughterhouses will bleed”


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