Palestine action is a direct action network focused on ending UK complicity with Israeli war crimes. They believe there is already enough information and education available about the blatant oppression of the Palestinian people and now is the time for action not discussion.

They will target any and all companies in the UK who are directly part of enabling and profiting from Israel’s ongoing military occupation of Palestine. Their largest campaign and most well-known target is Elbit Systems. Elbit Systems is Israel’s largest privately owned arms company and it’s biggest single customer is the Israeli Ministry of Defence (IMOD). Elbit has nine sites across Britain, with four arms factories remaining, since they permanently shut their factory in Oldham after dozens of activists occupied, blockaded and damaged the site.

In their own words Palestine Action says “We are tired of the UK profiting from the colonisation of Palestine. We are tired of arms companies operating in the same streets that we live in. We are tired of the lack of repercussions for their actions. And this is exactly what we plan to change. Our actions expose, disrupt and destroy the companies which profit off the death and destruction of the Palestinian people and other oppressed groups across the world.”

Palestine Action’s most recognisable tactics involve covering targeted companies buildings in red paint, graffiti, smashing windows, occupying buildings and amassing crowds of support outside. A number of their actions have resulted in arrests and trials but they also encourage unaccountable actions as well. They’ve even visited Elbits landlord JLL and defaced their buildings demanding they evict Elbit.

When it comes to taking action alongside Palestine action they offer four ways to get involved:

Join your regional group
Set up your own affinity group
Do your own action and send your pictures in anonymously
Join a national working group

For further reading about Palestine action and how they operate check out their website


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