Hunt sabotage has happened for a very long time, and whilst there is a lot of noise from the HSA and hunt sab groups in the UK, the UK is not the only country that has seen organised anti-hunting sabotage.

In this clip from The West, released in the 90s, we can see different groups fighting against hunting in the USA. They mention the use of anti-mating spray and bear sprays to try and keep the hunters’ dogs from bear scents.

Of course, the hunt lobbyists are seen using the same tired excuses to justify hunting; the management of wildlife and the conservation of habitat.

Jonathan Paul, giving an interview, also makes a big point about what they are doing. Whilst stopping them from killing a single individual is very important, it is equally as important to show the establishment that there are people out there who do not agree and are not comfortable with the senseless murder of the wild and with the business that surrounds that murder.

When a hunter giving an interview gets asked about the possibility of someone being hurt if the protests continue, his answer is certain: “Yes, someone will get hurt, and as I see it, probably won’t be a hunter”.

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