We have new merch on our website! For the first time ever we have printed designs on the front of tees and hoodies, for all of you that have asked for years to have something printed other than the back!

NoBonzo did an amazing design against vivisection where rats rebel against the cages and make mini Molotovs out of the lab’s glassware.

Praxis drew a collab design a year ago that was so popular on prints that we decided to make tees and hoodies with.

To try and support comrades, we have also agreed to sell Underground Badger Syndicate and Smash Speciesism t-shirts through our website. We do not take any of those profits and everything goes straight to their campaign work.

As well as the new designs on tees and hoodies we have printed enamel pins and embroided patches with the classic Defend Direct Action logo, so if you want to be a little more subtle, there is something for you!

Of course, loads of art prints are available the website as well as tote bags, face covers and the classic Praise Be, Defend Direct Action and Animal Equals hoodies and tees.

If you want to support unoffensive, you can do that by heading to the website and grabbing yourself some merch. Be aware that we are not a shop, you can choose what donation you would like to give for the stuff and we will parcel and post it to you whenever we are free, but be patient as we do not work on the merch stuff every day!

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August, Belgium.

received anonymosuly via email:

“123 hens were liberated from an egg farm.
Belgian activists went back to an intensive cage farm were they previously rescued 99 others.
This time a pitch dark misty night brought them the extra security to stay below radar.
They could have emptied the whole barn, but with future actions in mind they only freed some, so the action becomes non-visible to the farmer.

All hens had adoption parents waiting.”


3rd November, Minnesota USA.

received anonymously via email:

“Saint Paul, Minnesota

We visited a natural foods store and left $1500 of niche meats, expensive venison, elk and bison meat in a cart and walked out. By the time employees discover the cart, the products will be spoiled and rotten. Through repeated actions and the ensuing economic damage like this, they will stop selling these products.

Fill a cart with the items produced through violence and subjugation, leave in an empty aisle, and exit the store!”


So it has taken us a little while, but we have managed to restock all sizes of tees and hoodies on all designs. If you’ve been waiting to grab yourself a hoodie or a tee but we did not have your size, you can now find them on the website!

There is an important change to note about our merch. We have changed suppliers and instead of printing on Earth Positive, we are now sourcing our garments through NoSweat, which run a campaign to empower workers cooperatives and fight back against sweatshops.

Although it means we spend a little more per garment, we have not changed our prices whatsoever. It is worth noting that the size chart might change slightly, but we think the change is positive and necessary. For a transitional period, you might receive either Earth Positive or NoSweat.

There shouldn’t be too much of a difference, but if sizing does not feel right after receiving the garment you can reach out to the shop and they can see what would work best. Reach them in our email: unoffensiveshop (at) riseup (dot) net.

As well as hoodies and tees, we have restocked on flags and face coverings, we still have a bunch of beanies and a handful of tote bags and the folks at Wildfire hooked us up with a bunch more magazines so we have both volumes back in stock!

As we need to fundraise after a couple of months of not making much cash, all orders over 50GBP placed for the next seven days will receive a free print. We will choose the print at random. For anyone ordering over 100GBP, we will send a whole set with the four prints included.

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Thank you once again for all the support you folks shows towards unoffensive. Just as a reminder, all the profit turned by the collective helps support prisoners as well as supporting folks facing court cases or campaigns that might need some form of support.



The 5th of November 2017, the Animal Liberation Front liberated one hundred egg laying chickens from a farm in the UK. As well as taking the hens out, the activists destroyed conveyor belts, desinfecting machinery and a whole pallet of eggs.

They dedicated this action to Barry Horne, who died the 5th of November 2001 after enduring a hunger strike whilst serving time in prison for his involvement in arson attacks against vivisection related businesses. On the walls of the barn the activists sent a clear message: “BARRY LIVES IN THOSE WHO FIGHT”

Today it is the 20th anniversary of his death so we thought it was a good day to bring back this action video, not only as a reminder of Barry’s legacy, but also because folks should remember that the fight is not over.

In Barry’s own words: “For some of us animal liberation IS a war that we intend to win… the tears are real, our hearts really do break and we ARE prepared to die for it, not just chant for it.”

You can read the anonymous report from the action here:

Received anonymously:

“Under the International Week of Action Against Speciesism, an egg-laying chicken farm in the north UK was sabotaged. Owned by James Potter, this farm supplies to main supermarkets around the country telling the fallacy of ‘free range’ as somewhat ‘not cruel’.

One hundred chickens were freed from their slavery, the machinery and disinfectants were sabotaged, all the eggs smashed and graffiti on the walls was sprayed on reading ‘EAT YOUR OWN EGGS’, ‘FUCK THE EGG INDUSTRY’, ‘BARRY HORNE, A LOVE WARRIOR’ and ‘BARRY LIVES IN THOSE WHO ACT’.

All hens are now safe and will live a life of freedom away from the exploitation of humans.

With this action, we would like to remember and give power to Barry. We do not forget and we do not give up. The Animal Liberation Front is only growing. We will fight against speciesism and we will extend our love and power to anyone oppressed by this system.

For a truly anarchist revolution,

against all hierarchies,

against animals being used as commodities.



2nd november, France.

received anonymously over email:

“A few nights ago, we visited a rabbit breading in France. We took four little bunnies out of their cages and brought them to an anarchist and antispeciesist place where they will be considered as free and unique individuals forever. We hope that they will fully express their strengths and personalities.

We are sorry for the thousands of their comrades that we were not able to take with us. For them and for every single oppressed animal in this world, we will keep on taking direct actions against this speciesist system.”


1st November, Sweden.

received anonymously via email:

“Ulf Berg is a hunter, wolf hater and chairman of the hunters’ association, a former cop, and right-wing politician, in so called Sweden. Recently, Ulf has hated and advocated that more wolves must be killed.

Therefore, ARM (DRM) visited Ulf in his home village one night, with a clear message: THE WOLF SHOULD LIVE! ULF SHOULD SHUT UP!

We also sabotaged some hunting towers, in Ulf’s backyard. ARM does not hesitate to visit Ulf again, if he does not obey our demand.

Those who torture animals are never safe! UNTIL EVERYONE IS FREE!

/ Animal Rights Militia”