The UK is seeing a resurgence of action against vivisection and it seems they have chosen a target. MBR Beagles is a factory farm breeding and selling beagles for vivisection. They have existed for almost fifty years and have continuously operated under different names including Harlan and Interfauna.

Interfauna was a previous target of the ALF. More than one raid was carried out in the past, including the notable 82 beagles and 26 rabbits liberated from the place in 1990.

During the SHAC campaign, MBR Acres was also the target of heated demonstrations and a relentless campaign to shut down the factory farm.

For over a year, local campaigners have run “Stop Animal Cruelty Huntingdon”, which focused on demonstrations against MBR Acres and Covance. Since undercover footage captured with a hidden camera was released showing beagles transported from the sheds and into vans, the campaign has become a lot more than just a local effort.

Multiple national newspapers published reports on the farm and printed the photos obtained by the activists. Politicians and public figures publicly announced their support for the campaign.

Their next demo became heated. Aided by newspapers publishing about the farm and the campaign, on the 27th of June, there was an unexpected shift. More and more people kept arriving at a demo that was not expected to grow that big. People were furious, upset and emotional. The fences were kicked off the entrance to the farm with police not knowing what to do with themselves. 

Since then, the campaign has evolved. It’s now called “Free the MBR Beagles”, singling out their target and showing determination to close down the farm whilst being able to show it is no longer a local campaign, but a national one. At the same time, folks have set up “Camp Beagle” on the verge of the road, meters away from the double-gated entrance of the puppy factory farm. Camp Beagle said, “We are NOT leaving without the beagles” and they seem to be pretty serious about it.

After some time of relative silence against vivisection by the wider animal liberation community, it seems like the fight against animal laboratories is back. 

You can help. For anyone reading in the UK, Camp Beagle actively encourages folk to join and camp with them or even just visit for the day. Their address is MBR Acres Ltd, Sawtry Way, Huntingdon, PE28 2DT. You can get in touch with them online over their Facebook page:

For those who cannot leave everything and move to camp, there still are opportunities to join. The next big demonstration organised by Free the MBR Beagles is on the 9th of July at 8 am, at the same address mentioned above. To follow The campaign, check their Facebook page:


For all of those outside of the UK, luckily there are still things we can do to help. MBR Acres is owned by Marshal BioResources. The company is registered in the US but they have subsidiaries in multiple different countries around the globe. Notably, the Italian Green Hill puppy farm was owned by them until it was shut down for animal cruelty in 2016. Marshal BioResources also owns Marshal Pet Products, a company that is widely stocked in the US’ PetCo and that even sells ferrets to the pet superstore bred in the Marshal BioResources farms. More information on the subsidiaries of Marshal BioResources as well as locations in countries around the world will be welcomed by the wider animal liberation movement and the campaign to shut down MBR Acres.


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