13th June, East Germany.

received anonymously via email:

“they make themselves comfortable while killing.

and we like to get you out of their comfort zone :)”


We don’t have a specific calendar date, but about this time five years ago, we started this huge journey. We were born because we felt the animal rights movement needed to be more exposed to radical action and anarchism and couldn’t find any outlets that were using social media to reach out to the mainstream animal liberation community. At the same time, we felt there was a need to bring animal liberation back into the broader anarchist discussion as the radical anti-authoritarian and anarchist movement hugely lacked antispeciesist conversation. We also felt that amplifying prisoner support voices was extremely necessary. 
 And here we are, five years on, with those goals still in mind. Folks tend to not understand clearly that we serve as a media platform for voices that decide to be anonymous and that we do not take part in illegal action, nor wish to promote it in any way. We get contacted regularly by people who “want to join” but also by animal agriculture agents that accuse us of actions we have received. Those are not the only groups who are confused about what we do. Freedom of the press is an important part of society, yet private companies running social media platforms and even government entities have targeted us regularly. We’ve lost social media platforms and we have even lost a website to the police. 
 The only thing we can do is to point out that the repressive nature of the state manifests itself in many different ways, including censorship. 

Regardless, that does not discourage us. We have lived too many incredible experiences through this project to feel discouraged by the bumps. We’ve met incredible people in one of the biggest and loudest protest camps in Europe, Hambacher Forst. We’ve reported from the frontlines of huge demonstrations and protests as well as small and well organised civil disobedience actions. We’ve sent thousands to prisoners and their support network and created friendships with folks in prison and their families that will last a lifetime. 
 But the reality of it is that we do not do this for the experiences we get out of it. This whole project, the effort to bring radical media to you, the effort to amplify anonymous voices, to educate on security and to create networks of prison and arrest support is for you. For you, specifically, and for everybody around you. For you, but also for the earth who provides housing to all of us and that holds mountains and forests and lakes that keep us alive. And indeed, for every single creature that crawls, flies, swims or just stands still, with purpose in their life, with hopes, and dreams and families. 
 The reason we do this is that we believe we must create a world where mutual aid is an everyday thing. Because we believe we can educate folks into being kind, and into taking action when injustice is in front of them. Because we think that another world is possible if you start working towards it. 
 If you think our work is useful to the broader community, we would very much appreciate your support. We are having some money troubles and the last couple of months have been very difficult, making us unable to send money to prisoners and cutting some corners with the website and servers. We have a Patreon you can join if you’re able to support us that way. If you can, that is ok, because we do not do this for money. 
 We are not going to make this write up even longer. Five years is a very fucking long time, and we hope we last another five or ten, but we also hope that at some point we are not necessary any longer. We hope one day we can celebrate the fucking revolution with you. 
 For a world without prisons, or cops, or politicians. For a world without machines harming the earth with their teeth. For a world where all animals are considered equal and for a world where no one is exploited for their labour or mistreated because of their skin colour, gender or who they like to fuck. 
 For the revolution. 
 See you in the next riot. 


(delayed report)

10th April, Kent UK

Received anonymously via email:

“The pet industry have exploited this pandemic like they exploit the animals they sell. Bored and thoughtless people have demanded pets for their entertainment and the breeders have been happy to supply them. During Easter, the objectification of rabbits as things to buy or give as presents increases exponentially, so we thought to raid a pet breeder and take some comrades out.

The breeder we visited has a selection of animals but sadly we couldn’t take all of them. While the breeders slept just meters away we painted some security cameras and quietly entered a shed that housed rabbits and guinea pigs mixed together. To our surprise, a lamb was also locked in the same shed, running around the hutches.

They were confined in small spaces, in disgusting conditions and with very high ammonia smell. We grabbed a few rabbits and disappeared into the night with them. Their nails were so long they couldn’t walk comfortably and they were afraid of human touch, so it will be a long recovery for them.

They will go to loving homes with families who will see them as the individuals they are and not breeding machines or products to sell.

We dedicate this action to all the animals still imprisoned inside the vivotecnia lab and all those fighting to get them out. It has been done before and we can do it again. Break the walls of that lab, liberate those animals!


UPDATE: A few rabbits turn into many rabbits. It wasn’t surprising that female rabbits coming from that hellhole would be pregnant and we have heard that at least one of the females has given birth. There is no better feeling than knowing that those babies will never know abuse and that their mum will never again be bred.

They will only know freedom. ”


May, Seine-et-Marne France

via BiteBackMagazine:

anonymous report:

“At the end of May 2021, in the department of Seine-et-Marne (77), we, antispeciesist activists, destroyed a hunting tower in broad daylight.

A few days before the beginning of the killings authorized by the state, we decided to help the inhabitants of the forest against the ones who would like to see them lose life at the tip of their rifle. For this, we have tried to locate the hunting towers in the areas that will be allowed from June 1st… after a few hours of research we saw one. We approached it seeking possible photo-traps on trees on the sourroundings. There were none. Arrived at the bottom of this solid tower of more than 3 meters high, we understood that we will have to saw the 4 feet and try to topple it. After a few minutes of work, the tower was on the floor. We are hoping that this act of solidarity with the forest inhabitants will save their life. We all know it, without their hunting towers, the shooters are less effective and more vulnerable to the defensive responses of our non-human comrades.

The purpose of this sabotage is to reduce the capacities of the hunters to kill, their finances, their available time and their spirit. Destroying what is useful for those assassins will remove what makes them powerful both physically and mentally… So take your saws, your adjustable wrenchs, and your bolts cutter … and fight alongside the inhabitants of the forest!”


“Fin juin 2021, en France, dans le département de la seine-et-marne (77), nous, activistes antispécistes, avons détruit une tour de chasse en plein jour.

Quelques jours avant le début des tueries autorisées par l’Etat, nous avons décidé de venir en aide aux habitant.e.s de la fôret contre celleux qui voudraient les voir perdre la vie au bout de leur fusil. Pour cela nous avons essayer de localiser les miradors sur les zones de chasse qui seront autorisées à partir du 1er juin… Après quelques heures de recherches nous en avons aperçu un. Nous nous sommes approché.e.s en cherchant les éventuels pièges photos sur les arbres aux alentours. Il n’y en avait pas. Arrivé.e.s en bas de cette solide tour de plus de 3 mètres de haut, nous avons compris qu’il faudrait scier les 4 pieds et tenter de la faire basculer. Après quelques minutes de travail, la tour était par terre. Nous espérons que cet acte de solidarité avec les habitant.e.s de la forêt permettra de leur sauver la vie. Nous le savons, sans leur tour de chasse, les tireurs et tireuses sont moins efficaces et plus vulnérables face aux ripostes défensives de nos camarades non-humain.e.s.
L’objectif de ce sabotage est de réduire la capacités des chass-eurs.euses à tuer, leurs finances, leur temps disponible et leur moral.

Détruire ce qui sert à ces assassin.e.s permettra de leur retirer ce qui les rend puissant.e.s tant matériellement que moralement… alors prennez vos scies, vos clés à molette, et vos coupe-boulons… et luttez aux côtés des habitant.e.s de la forêt !”


We have received a reportback from a demo but we believe there is a need to give context before.

Over the past few months in the UK, T&S Rabbits, a business that breeds and farms rabbits for meat and fur in the UK, has once again applied for new sites to be open or to build new slaughterhouses in their farms. This is not the first time they try to expand and they very rarely get any success out of their applications, as rabbits in Britain are regarded as pets, so a big part of the local population tends to campaign against those applications.

Historically, T&S has attracted attention a few times. The ALF has reported the liberation of rabbits through multiple raids in their farms , not too long ago Animal Aid produced a very short video showing the conditions of the farmed rabbits, living locked up in hutches until they are slaughtered. Corporate Watch also produced a piece about them as they are one of the very few businesses still able to farm for fur through the loophole of farming for meat.

We received an anonymous report from someone who attended the latest demo in their Derbyshire site, the past 31st of March.

Here are their words:

“Over 60 activists gathered outside the Atlow site of T&S Rabbit murdering scumbags to oppose their planning application to build a rabbit slaughterhouse on their site.

As activists gathered, the cages behind the doors were empty. The owners have moved all rabbits off site, scared of the backlash. Fucking great, you should be scared! We know where your other farms are. We know where you already have a slaughterhouse. We know where you’re planning applications are for. We are watching you. We will be back. And the cages WILL BE EMPTIED!”

PHOTO: sent over with the reportback, that is the current situation in T&S rabbit farms throughout the country.


1st June, UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“We had never seen an intensive bird farm as disgusting as this. Birds shitting on each other whilst standing on wire mesh, a suffocating smell that we will not forget and cages so small the birds could barely stand.

The door proved to be easier than we thought. The lock took some convincing but our trusty bolt cutters were enough to access the shed. Once inside, we took 85 quails to safety.

Thousands were left behind. Crammed, exploited and forgotten, covered in spiderwebs and dust. Whoever is responsible for this shit will be hearing from us often. They don’t deserve to sleep until that fucking farm is closed down for good.

This June 11th, we remember Marius and all long term anarchists locked up in prison. Fuck the cages, fuck the justice system, fuck the cops, fuck the lot.



April, South England

received anonymously via email:

“Found alone, confused and in bad health. Liberated from certain death by 1 member of the ALF.
Now safe for life. Never to be exploited, murdered and eaten!

This action is dedicated to our comrade Rob Ennis who sadly passed away recently.”


27th May, Brighton UK

received anonymouisly via encrypted email:

“We decided to visit some local points of interest during our holiday to the seaside. This butcher shop took a couple of hits last year so we wanted to join the party even if we were pretty late to it. If hacking animals’ bodies to pieces isn’t bad enough, the owners of this particular “family run”, “organic”, “free range”, “blah blah blah get fucked” store hold some eyebrow-raising views on racism and police brutality, proudly displaying messages of “white lives matter” and “police lives matter” on social media. Hope these scumbags appreciated the eyebrow-raising messages of our own.

Fuck you.