26th September, Belgium.

Received anonymously via email:

“In the night of September 26Th 4 antispeciesist activists liberated 8 rabbits from a breeder farm in Belgium.

Thousands of rabbits are kept here in caged systems, from newborns who stay 6 weeks until their slaughter, to male breeder rabbits used as artificial insemination sperm donors.
We’re sorry we couldn’t carry more as we had to walk trough ditches, through cornfields and encounter bulls in the field.

A re-visit is planned. Now all rabbits have a chance to live somewhere where they are loved and cherished. Some little rabbits even jumped for joy as they came into their new home that night.

We encourage everyone to lobby to end these cage systems and ridiculous welfare ‘park’ systems, and plea for a total ban on rabbit meat in stores.

Get active. Take action. Empty all cages.”

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