Since the hit report a couple if days ago explaining how some folks had gained access got the main management website of the badger cull, obtaining hundreds if not thousands of names and addresses of those involved ed in the murder of badgers in the UK, the Script Pixies have been at it again with their actions.

According to Innocent Badger website (www.innocentbadger.is), every day that their management website its up, twenty more addresses and names will be leaked into the new formed map that will contain all shooters, trappers and badger killers paid by the government in the UK. They say:

“When the hackers said they still had access, they clearly were not lying. Everyone involved in killing badgers should realise that the NFU doesn’t have their best interests at heart, and we can prove it.

Below is a map. On that map there are currently just 20 shooters (a random selection of the many, many hundreds we now have). Every day that the website https://www.ggkkzz.info/Account/Login is up, another 20 will go on the map. So, if you are involved in killing badgers, you may want to consider contacting the NFU and asking them to pull the site. “

You can find the map with the details of the badger killers on the website:


“Please do contact all 20 of these people. If you want to stay totally safe, keep all correspondence polite. If you want to withold your number dial 141 first, but be aware that the police will be able to track you and may well contact you if you make threats. Keep it polite, a simple “Can you explain why you are killing badgers?” is perfectly within the law.

Please do book mark this page and come back regularly, the badgers have no one else.”

PHOTO: one of the screenshots the Script Pixies submitted, showing the log of crime reports in Cheshire cull zone.

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