28th August, Guildford UK.

Via: www.innocentbadger.com

“If you fuck with our animal comrades we will find you and come visit.

It’s that time of year and the badger cull is starting again. The murder of tens of thousands of badgers begins. To do this dirty work shooters are required to be tracked. Thanks to ‘innocentbadger.com’ uncovering some important information we now know
Syntech Systems run by Simon Orbell and Lucy Orbell have pulled in a contract for tracking devices costing the tax payer over £1million.
If Simon backs out of this contract it could end the cull this year, preventing the murder of a fuck load of badgers.

They are making a profit from helping murder wildlife so what are you going to do to convince them to stop? This is a call to action.

We went round and woke Simon up at 1am yesterday. A bunch of angry masked up antis making A LOT of noise is quite a wake up call. If you’re interested and we hope you are, Simon lives at Littlefield, Mark Way, GODALMING, GU7 2BD and his mobile is: 07980 612 281 (get a burner if you want to call, yes you do need to buy it and the contract with CASH).

Send a message to abusers hiding behind their companies-you’ve all got homes and we’ll be there making you feel as vulnerable as those you exploit. SHAC activists got targeted by the state because they refused to make change happen through a system structured to ensure they fail; they went around that system instead, and it worked. We need to normalise making it personal to these scummers. House visits should not be uncommon.

This we address to you Simon Orbell. It was so easy for a large group of angry masked up people to go right up to your front door. Think about that Simon. We saw you, too scared to come outside, peaking out your window and calling the police. We’re watching you and we will be back. “

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