WHERE?: multiple protest camps throughout the UK.

WHEN?: now.

Right now our woodlands are under direct attack. Front line activists have stopped HS2 in their tracks, but as the weather worsens and rebellion fever has taken hold, numbers are needed to hold the sites between London and Birmingham. Camps in some of the 108 ancient woodlands being destroyed by HS2 are under imminent threat of eviction and ‘vegetation clearance’. This is a call out for radical activists who dont mind getting muddy to make their way to the camps up and down the line.

Activists are expecting eviction imminently and desperately need support. Whether you’re feeling confrontational or are actively non-violent, this site needs you. Food, accommodation and climbing equipment can be provided. All are welcome

Get in touch with any of the following accounts for more details or directions to sites. We cannot afford to lose anymore biodiversity to HS2.

Contact any of this accounts on instagram:

@hs2rebellion @roalddahlwoods @resisths2 @crackley.protection.camp @denham.ford.protection.camp @squiddley_dot_stophs2 @harvil_road_protection_camp @the_doll_thief_

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